Neglected 12 String Challenge

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I've done this for a few years now....

Time to dust off that 12 string guitar that's been in the corner of the room....

Tag your song #neglected12string



Yep! Tuning it right this minute. Smile

@dragondreams wahoooo!

In. Smile

Commence the Janglin'

If I ever manage to get anything written and recorded this summer, it's sure to have some 12-string acoustic on it! Smile

used mine in a skirmish today

Woo hoo! This is my 1971 Martin. It plays so smooth, it doesn't even feel like a 12 string. So frickin awesome. Smile

I dont have a 12 string but i think i can make my acoustic/electric sound like a 12 string with my effects pedal. Does that count?

I have wanted a 12 string electric but never bought one. Last year I got an octave pedal that kinda does a thing that might remind one of a 12 string... Maybe I'll do some 60s pop and throw that in...

@Krayzie003 musically yeah I guess it would count, but not exactly a "neglected12string" challenge.

I'd say just GO FOR IT. Smile

I have definitely been neglecting my 12 string. I'm in!

"Waiting In Line" from today's skirmish

While I was dusting, I got out the resonator as well.

I certainly hope my 12-string doesn't feel neglected...
I broke it out for a lush pop tune here. The tune was written on 12-string, but there's a lot going on so it just contributes to the wall of sound. Smile

A 12-string has been on my wish list for a loooong time!