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- a team that you send out to beat someone to a pulp, or just so that he shuts up, or at least stops being such a pain. Like a death squad, but it stops just before it gets that far.

And a happy fawming to everybody.

(Yes, I am serious, I need a word for that.)

I'm thinking 'heavies', but there may be a better option.

"Send the boys round?"

troops, goons...

send out a posse?


lynch mob?

Mob is possible (or boys). I used goons as a place holder for the time being. Troops, not very good.


i thought lynch mob too... and gang


The hands....the guns.....the boys......the brute Smile

Hit men.


Some good ones here. Currently it's one syllable (but don't let that limit you). My original problem was I could not think of a single word, so a thesaurus wouldn't help. I'm better off now.

Mob works, but I don't think lynch mob will because I see that as an uncontrollable rage in a subgroup which works in public in combination with a lot of more or less approving, at least passive bystanders, whereas what I am looking for is more like a mobster's hired hands, working under the radar.


My first thought was "goon squad". Henchmen is another one along those lines. Burly boys. . . how about "pulpers"?

Hang on, do you know a non-English word for this?

You could always throw in a Clockwork Orange reference and use 'droogs'

> what I am looking for is more like a mobster's hired hands, working under the radar.

Depending on the context, "crew" can work. Is it being said by the mobster or someone else?

If you're willing, it might help to share some of the surrounding lyrics.

Someone should put all of the suggestions here into one song!

'The boys' is the one I prefer from the suggestions above. It's certainly used a lot in crime books and films in three UK.

sharks? as in, my father was murdered by loan sharks for gambling debts? (a true story, that). I also like crew, I was thinking that too. Or staff, or bunch, or gents.

simpleiscomplex's, yes, goon squad was my idea as well. The Danish word I had in mind is "tæskehold" which can be directly translated into "beating up team," but had no suggestions.

Max Goldman, no, I won't share the lyrics at this moment.

Ha! Bing translate says "clobber team", which is hilariawesome, but too many syllables.

I know, also suggested "clubber" for tæske-.

Mooks or goons. Both one syllable. Goons will be better understood. Mob might work too.


Mooks is new to me, interesting, because more unusual.



goon squad