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A November songwriting challenge for those who may be interested. This will be my 6th time. Even though the requirement is 29 minutes of music, which I have done in several of this years superskirmishes, in some ways I find this challenge most difficult since there is little social activity, delayed feedback, and no collaboration For those same reasons I really enjoy it.

The difference between the two challenges is interesting. I quite like hiding my songs until they are all written, and find posting them one at a time more difficult, though the reasons for that are too complicated to go into here. But both methods have value, so it's a challenge worth taking part in. I'm looking forward to it this year, and I'm going to try and force myself to use the guitar more, as I don't like recording guitars, so having a month to hide the results before having to reveal them, works for me this time.

I definitely feel like NaSoAlMo encourages me to write a consistent "album", rather than the basically unrelated collection of songs I generally get out of FAWM or 50/90, which is quite interesting. I enjoy setting myself a personal challenge to spur me on, as I find it more difficult without the post / listen / comment cycle of the other challenges.

I think I've settled on attempting a fully electronic NaSoAlMo album this year, aiming for a mix of synthpop / electronica / horror movie soundtrack influences... probably.

I'll be out this year. I've participated off and on since 2010 (I think it was.) But I'm gonna focus on attempting to finish an album by December 1st.

In 2016 I recorded an average of a song a day and waited to the last two days to post the better half and sorta more cohesive half of them. Haven't decided for this year yet. Except I know I am likely to write to the theme using prompts from GYAWS and Song Skirmish so some of those may appear early. Listening to completed albums in early December was very cool.

Hi Francis. I took your advice and have begun compiling my songs into fake bandcamp albums for public access. I have 20 ofd them so far, and anticipate a ceiling of 50. if youd like to take a look, here is the link.

Hello Bill, I just looked, you have got 20, I'm very impressed. I like bandcamp, it allows you to be your own archivist. You have an impressive collection of your songs now, and people can access them, it's really good. I've listened to a few of your songs already, and I'll have a listen to some more, while I try to come up with song ideas for nasoalmo, I think I might have run out. I have to do some serious thinking, rather than hoping something just turns up

Speaking of Bandcamp I have posted the first of my NaSoAlMo efforts there . I have another for the song skirmish group, and a lot of words flying around thanks to NaNoWriMo.