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As today is the Fourth of July, I thought it would be fun to challenge people to write a new national anthem for the United States of America. And then I thought, that's not fair, the people who live in other countries should get to write anthems for their countries instead. And then I thought, wouldn't it be even more fun to write anthems for made up countries?

So the challenge is to write a national anthem for any country you choose, real or fictional, whether you live there or not. Tag your song #nationalanthem.

FUN and done! Posted. Thanks for the fun challenge

I didn't see this challenge yesterday, but I did post a song about the 2nd Civil War. Does that count?

You inspired my first song!

I may, or may not, take part in this challenge, but the subject obliges the posting of this: - 'Long Live Politzania' by Klaatu (starts at 6:14 for the anthem itself)

Here's my entry for this challenge:

I might give it a try, now that I see this.

Here's one that is based on our National Anthem

It is only lyrics so if someone wants to put them to music that would be great!

From a poem that became a song that was considered as national anthem, -- two revisions and title changes after the poem "Pikes Peak", --which is as well public domain; and so qualifies for that forum too [pub dome poem] ! Yeah...

I could have sworn I posted this already, but I guess not! Here is my entry for the challenge!