my second album of songs from 60 90 2018 availalble on bandcamp

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It wasn’t exactly a theory, more like an unsound idea. When I expounded it to my wife, who usually changes the subject whenever I start jabbering about some new idea that has occurred to me, she suggested I write an article. The idea was that a steady diet of horror and science fiction movies in the late 1950’s vaccinated the children against the fear of the atomic bomb. The last thing I wanted to do was spend a month re-watching all those moviies so I could write an academic essay that maybe a dozen people might read. Instead, I thought, I could send a hour or so writing a song about it, post the song on the net, and receive hundreds of responses in one day. Then it occurred to me that I should take all the ideas I had for articles, plays. novels, and what have you, and instead of devoting years to their composition, use those ideas for songs. So I stated writing Children Live the Fear. In two weeks I had finished writing and recording the album. What started as a dark and brooding collection of ballads soon assumed the form of a collection of songs that were predominanatly blues the subject matter was loosely connected to the relationship of imagination and reality to the emotion of fear. So here it is. Fifteen new songs, two of them collaborations with lyricists Cindy Prince and Elizabeth Petty.