My first music video! Song from 50/90 2011

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I've put in some elbow grease and finally got my first music video made! This song is called "Breaking The Sun" and written for 50/90 2011. It was recorded in its final form in 2013, and I finally made a video in 2019. It tells the story of letting go of your past, and taking what you've learned and moving forward with gratitude.

Thank you for watching.


I watched Smile Wink !

Nice place to live, I hope! Smile

I watched and very much enjoyed it. I also liked it, subscribed and intend to be a fanboy.

Thank you guys! ustaknow, we filmed in Oceanside and Tillamook here in Oregon, about an hour or so away from where i'm at. Beautiful there at twilight, highly recommend you visit if you make it in this neck of the woods! TC i've recently become a fan boy of you sir! <3

Its awesome mate!

Hey @Peter Arvidson -- an issue that is perennial and recently made an issue, again, -- is to not provide heartfelt feedback-comment on "finished" work and not from "unqualified" folks and certainly not, if not asked for. Smile So, having qualified for all 3 pissoffedness elements, -- do you want comment.

I would've msg'd you "here" but found that that may not be working since for me, CC'd myself and got *nothing. I guess I could test with Bill or something, then I'll know it's lost in Spam or just being politely ignored Wink hahhh...

So, I got or had a few and will loose those first see thoughts, -- one sticks till today, and for e.g., to my almost famous, famous buddy who showed me their nashville producer production, missed the elements he paid for until pointed out by me. That may not qualify me, to be sure, nor the Film Study in NY... but, eh, you're a super nice guy, so, derUgo!

But, hey!, -- don't feel obligated to even respond, it's OK! Just saying since you may not have considered limited review from "here".

Remember, I think it's good enough to want to comment, if make sense?

Wow, you live in a beautiful area... and my favorite thing, no people Wink Heaven for me will be like 1 person per square mile of the new Millenial Village, or, my part of it, hahhh! (But not cold and rainy!?)