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I have added a new link on the navigation menu. This link will display a list of all the forums posts, songs, and other content you have commented on or posted. This is meant to help you keep track of threads you were talking about. It is sorted by when you last posted.

Please let me know what you think.


@Eric Distad, I'm not seeing a "My Activity" link in my menu; just the usual "My Watchlist," "My Saved Songs," "My Bookmarks," and "My Mentions." I even tried clearing my cache in case that would help.

Great idea though; I'm very much looking forward to this feature!

Ok @OdilonGreen, it should show up now. Let me know what you think.

Up on my sidebar; checked it, discovered a thread I had forgotten I had posted in. A++ would recommend.

BTW, the sort order is set based on the last update time regardless of who posted. So for example, if a forum thread you posted to a week ago just got a new response from someone, it will jump to the top of the list.

Like it. Smile

Perfect. This was what I was also thinking of in terms of notifications in that earlier post.

Love your work!

Yep, it showed up for me now. Great idea - thanks for implementing!

I like it, but it would be nice if there were a way to mark all as read. i.e. I find it useful for tracking forum threads but the whole page is red with updates to songs I've commented on; it's a lot of clicking to relieve the ocd.

Have you tried sorting the list for type? Then all the Song updates would be grouped together and you could just focus on the Forum Threads. It may help ease the strain.

I love this feature in the handy new location! Thanks @Eric Distad!

It works for me and is really useful especially as the number of songs and topics increases every day.

yeah, sorting kind of helps. mark all would just be a 'nice to have.'

Hey, I just noticed that when I re-visit a song page, the comments I've already seen are color-coded, but the new ones are in all white. What a cool way to make that part easier to detect!! Maybe it's been there all along, and I'm just waking up to it, but just wanted to say thanks, @Eric Distad, I think that's pretty spiffy!