My 3rd Song of this 50/90 on Two Radio Stations!

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I finished "Hold On (With Every Thing You've Got)" ( and uploaded it to 50/90 and then went ahead and submitted it to a few radio folks because I was quite happy with the song. It was picked up by a station in Ireland and one in Canada!!!
Mellow Moments with Donal
Friday 21st July 2pm in Chicago, 8pm in Ireland
Q108 Kingston

Congratz, good sir. I need to go listen to that song, but I know you're well deserving.

That's freaking awesome!

Thanks @katpiercemusic!!!

You know why that is, @johnstaples ? Because you're awesome!

I look forward to always seeing what you're up to a FAWM and 50/90. It's one of the 10 reasons I continue to patron these events / sites lol legit.

Congratulations on this! That's great!