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Ack! I have a lot of catching up to do and music listening in this part of the forum, but in the meantime, it occurs to me that we might all be able to help each other out. I'm guessing that a lot of us have Facebook pages for social media promotion purposes. And it's nice when you're trying to book a gig or get people to listen to your recordings or consider your services in some way, if you have more than 5 people liking your page. There's lots of people here. Some of us are performers. Some of us are writers/arrangers (well okay all of us write). Some of us host songwriting groups on Facebook. Hell, maybe someone here builds cigar box ukuleles and has a product page on Facebook. It doesn't even have to be music related. Just post your Facebook page here if you want people to like it, but the rule is that you have to return the favor. Check back periodically and like pages that have been posted after yours too. My only personal stipulation. I'm a teacher and I can't like anything with adult content or violent imagery.

@katpiercemusic this is an excellent suggestion and I hope others participate!! I am always a little surprised that we do not do more as a group to promote each other! Maybe you can get this going!

I don't have a page to like (yet) Smile but'd love support my FAWM friends anyway Wink