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Songwriters have long looked to the sky for their inspiration. In this challenge you will be assigned a celestial object or star constellation to use as the subject, title, or inspiration for your new song. The large majority of these are associated with mythology but feel free to use your assignment as literally or figuratively as you wish. Tag the song #sky .

Post a request in this thread and I will post your assignments as soon as I am able.


•EDIT: July 27th•

There are still quite a few visible constellations in the night sky, especially for those of you down in the southern hemisphere, so feel free to ask for an assignment if you haven’t yet, or if you’re interested in a second go at it. I’ll be out of town for the weekend, and may not be able to respond right away, but I’ll check in when I get home early in August and catch up on the latest postings. Until then, here is the current status of our night #sky projects:

•••Solar System: •••
Mercury @Mosley *17311
Venus @metalfoot *17864
Mars @Fuzzy
Jupiter [@brrrse] *17334
Saturn @musicsongwriter *17592

•••Zodiac Constellations: •••
Aries @jvallius *17842
Taurus @standup *17604
Gemini @iveg *17970
Cancer @Roddy
Leo @corinne54
Virgo @ZsuzsaDoe *17543
Libra @barbara *19772
Scorpio @TomS
Sagittarius @pipewrench67
Capricornus @bithprod
Aquarius @wyatt *17394
Pisces @reklov *17850

•••Ursa Major Family: •••
Ursa Major @owl
Polaris @AndyGetch *18638
Canes Venatici @tootoobee *17770
Boötes @darcistrutt

•••Hercules Family: •••
Hercules @Dragondreams *17429
Lyra @Kristi *18348
Centaurus @JamKar *18209
Cygnus @nancyrost
Aquila @Vom Vorton *18336

•••Perseus Family: •••
Perseus @Amanda West
Pegasus @Mt.Mélodie *18023
Andromeda @Mel Gargamel
Cassiopeia @Adnama17 *18093
Cepheus @colgoo *17888

•••Orion Family: •••
Orion @atitlan

Fifty songs in Ninety Days!!

ooo..any style? if so, I'm in Smile

I'm in! Smile

Space, the final songwriting frontier.....or course I'm in

Count me in.

Please add me.

I am so in on this

Alright folks, here are the assignments so far:

[@brrrse] Jupiter

@Dragondreams Hercules

@AndyGetch Polaris

@Mel Gargamel Andromeda

@iveg Gemini

@Mosley Mercury

Don't worry, [@brrrse] any style is perfectly acceptable and will get you closer to fifty songs! Any other takers? Chime in here. Don't forget to tag your song #sky , and chime in here when your song is posted!

oh fantastic! yes, with all his planets, and its my favorite movement of The Planets by Holtz.....yes...yesyesyesy Smile oh this is gonna be fun!!!!

Alpha Centauri please!

[@brrse] Jupiter is really good. I think Saturn is my favorite, but it's pretty neck and neck with Mars. I'm not committing to any challenges until I can breath again. Getting there.

I would like one too! Smile

Pretty please, can I have one too!

Yes. Smile

Right on, Mercury it is!!!

Might I also play along?

Thank you. Smile
I'm looking forward to working on this one!

@JamKar Okay, you get Centaurus even though I don’t think it’s visible from Texas like it was back when the greeks named it. I have to say when I was down under at the beginning of the month, Alph Centari and Beta Centauri were one of the easiest stars to spot in the southern sky. Awesome.

@barbara Libra

@corinne54 Leo

@TomS Scorpio

@metalfoot Venus

@katpiercemusic just say when. Smile

You better hook me up too. Smile

@izaak - Well, I've already got a song called 'Mercury Rising', but that was the element rather than the planet. Please select something for me.

I' d like to join too (something really far away please Smile )

I'd also like to join. Smile but not anyone of the 12 zodiac signs since I have written songs about them before.

I'd like to join too. It's a really interesting challenge.

Count me in.
I'd like a planet, if I could, please.
Or maybe a moon.

Please count me in. Thank you.

Thank you, @izaak! That is a great challenge, I would never have attempted something about Scorpio! Biggrin And since I still use Orion for much of my loop creation, it's totally appropriate! Smile

I'm in if lyrics are allowed--Well, I could add some vocals if I absoluitely had to Smile

Cool idea, please assign me a sphere. Ovals and irregular chunks also OK.

@Adnama17 Cassiopeia

@atitlan Orion

@tootoobee okay, you get the constellation Canes Venatici (the hunting dogs) where you can find far away things like the Giant Void and the Whirlpool Galaxy.

@Mt.Mélodie Pegasus

@Roddy Cancer

@Fuzzy Saturn

@musicsongwriter Mars

@wyatt of course lyricists can play too! You get Aquarius.

@standup Taurus (which contains the star Aldebaran. Fairly spherical I believe.) Smile

@izaak, possibly Houston, but Florida Keys sounds like a better bet.

So here's my instrumental piece for "Mercury" Smile

Sorry for being a pain but is there any chance I could have a different planet, not about the war, rather something peaceful please. Sorry again.

I'll trade you, @musicsongwriter, if you want. I'll take Mars if you want Saturn.

Thank you @Fuzzy, yes please Smile

@Fuzzy , @musicsongwriter , I officially endorse the trade of Mars and Saturn Smile . Unless either of you want a star constellation instead.

If you're still handing out celestial bodies I'll take one

@pipewrench67 see what you can do with Sagittarius. It looks like the center of our galaxy is thataway.

Do you have a star left over for me, @izaak?

Sure thing, @reklov ! Try the constellation Pisces.

I would like to try too!

I'll have one, please.

Oh nice one! Would love to join

Okay, here are your assignments. Best of luck!

@jvallius Aires

@bithprod Capricornus

@ZsuzsaDoe Virgo

If it's not too late, please can I have one ? Smile
Pretty please Smile

It's never too late, @Amanda West ! Well, I guess October would be too late.

Try the constellation Perseus.

Thank you @izaak for the challenge! Thank you @Fuzzy for swapping with me Smile

@izaak could you peer thru your scope for me?