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I am beginning to practice with a cello player who is willing to learn some of my songs, but, only sight reads sheet music and asked me to put the parts I want to be played in bass clef. I could write it out but hand, but am thinking there must be decent software out there that will grab a note at a time and convert to sheet music. Since I have a mac, a quick search reveals a few options, some free. I'm not looking to spend hundreds of dollars since I will only use occasionally but want something that works. Any recommendations?

Not entirely sure what you need (are you looking for something where it will transcribe in real time from a recording?) but I use MuseScore, which is free, and a pretty decent package. There's new features being added on the regular with it, too.

Thanks @metalfoot something like a piano staff except the middle treble line will be my guitar part rather than the right hand on piano. Maybe a fake book type format could work. Not looking for a full power orchestra score package. Checking out MuseScore, will try it Smile

Noteflight is a good music writing app. The premium is only 49/year USD, which is a cup of coffee a month, and looks like what you'd need. I've used it for years in arranging instrumental and choral works. Very powerful but simple. Smile

Hey AG, -- hmmm..., for "me" in my experience in the context of what it appears you want... and
re: "Any recommendations?" ("only sight reads") and,
"decent software out there that will grab a note at a time and convert to sheet music"
... I'll watch here too, with eager interest..., but, -- no.

Why no ? -- again imo, experience:
If you have the time and they want "printed" Staff and you are Standard Notation Theory, Score Sheet savvy, -- you'd do well, to use a writing software and hand type/write it out. Software that listens and grabls note... eh... -- run then edit. Same as writing a transcription, or flat out Chart it formally, -- less work.

When the iPad came out, some fantastic, with "finger" on view screen. et al. writing software was released. (Amazing stuff to look into.) No ones giving any of it away, that I am aware of -- cost/expense, platform ease, is relative.

So, there you go on that : )

--- Then, me, as a Cello player myself, (sight reads well), but, -- as self taught, owning a nice acoustic and electric one, "told" could be 2nd or 3 rd chair in any *high school orchestra "easy"
: ) (LOL!)... -- getting into it to add Strings/Solos/Improvs to "rock" ala "old" Apolyptica (pentatonic blues-ing up triad chord improvs) ... a question?

-- What is needed, to play? (Once you start, you may likely "change" that.)

Melody should not be an issue. You're not asking for a solo (as "beginner", only sight reads?), and, "backing" (as cello does/Bass lines), playing the (1st) 3rd or 5th, or double stop
(1 over 5), should not be an issue either; or embellishment on a turn around (4 note chord- "solo").

That brings me to, again, imo, experience, -- Lead Sheet it by hand, in pencil on Staff Paper. If they "count", -- Notation. If they don't "count" yet, -- use Lyrics as "markers" to begin and end (like chord changes for acoustic guitar players on Lyric Sheets). If it's a Bass-line backing, well, --that's straight forward, imo. For me, a Cello bowed susain "is" it's key point of use -- hold the 3rd, 7th, 5th, etc. And that it can go from sounding like a Bass, to Violin (human vocals, even).

thanks [@brrrse] I signed up for Noteflight. Also thanks @nutation for the suggestions, we only had one practice session so far, potential there for both but still getting to know each other musically. In using the software it grabbed a lot of extra notes, but I can type slow. I pretty quickly gravitated to typing in notes rather than only MIDI in. An interesting tool though for moving notes around and playback. Wow, composing is a brave new world for me.

@AndyGetch "asked me to put the parts I want to be played in bass clef"

The problem is complex. If you use midi to record your bassline you likely will see is show up on a treble clef. Therefore you would need to convert treble clef to bass clef. Ableton can't do that yet. However, newer versions of Ableton can convert audio to midi...and does a good job. You probably could import that midi into MuseScore and change instruments to cello, save as a new midi file and or pdf file, and if possible print the piece for your cello friend. Further, if you need to convert audio to midi (your version of Ableton doesn't support this) there is only one other acceptable option that I have found, Melodyne Editor. The cheap audio to midi converters don't work and are a waste of time and money. Once you have that midi you can import into notation software and change instruments. This should change the clef to bass or cello.

There is another option: Get a friend to help with the process. I don't know you but I certainly recognize you from the group. Send me your song (audio or midi) and I will give it a shot. I can send you back a printable pdf file or bass clef midi.

Notation software: I only use Sibelius as the others I've tried may work but are harder to use and are annoying to me, as a user. I've actually been working in Sibelius quite a bit this week. Much of that work was with midi converted by Melodyne. However, I do actually play and record into Sibelius. It takes a powerful soundcard (low latency) and probably a general midi vst to be able to record accurately into Sibelius. Like I said, this is complex and there is no easy route. Well, on second thought, you could just tell the guy that you can't do it and he just need to improvise the bassline with his

@jcollins thanks, thats mighty kind of you. Thanks for remembering that I have Ableton (Live 8), although I must admit I have gravitated back to Garageband for FAWM, 5090, and the weekly skirmish group. For practice purposes, I think I can get what I need out of Noteflight, and more should I choose to. After a bit of trial and error, last night I figured out how to use Noteflight well enough to transcribe one song for vocal (with lyrics) and guitar the way I have been playing it. I added an idea for cello, exported to .pdf and a somewhat wonky .wav file, for an audio sample of a possible mix with the cello line. Since I don't know my friend's capabilities, as @nutation suggested, we may end up making the cello part simpler or more complex. I have a feeling the software will be a good tool to play with some ideas, mostly post 5090.

I agree with noteflight. Free. Easy interface.

Hi, it is worth noting that Noteflight is an "online" app. I have an account but haven't logged in for probably a year. I don't have internet acess on my music operating system (my choice) so I didn't get very far. This laptop? Well, I could but it's pointless as my audio gear (soundcard, monitors, and keys are all hooked up to the other computer. Also, I've never been a fan of online applications. Many of the DAW's and computer operating systems are moving that way. Well boo hoo as not everybody has access to the internet. I'm not knocking it I'm just saying it because I need all of my power for music and the internet constantly bugs for updates and license checks, and runs unneeded programs in the back, and that can drive me nuts. That said, I do think noteflight is good. But....not as good (none are as good) as Sibelius. See you guys in FAWM. Well, probably if I get better (details skipped).