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It's so totally not fair. My Muse is throwing up good ideas, interesting metaphors, a dark but compelling story for a concept EP, AND I CAN'T WORK ON ANY OF IT. A pile of scrap paper and Post-Its gathers dust on my desk, just waiting to be turned into lyrics and music.

Worse, I have free time. I could totally be recording.

So how are the rest of you preparing, or organizing stuff, or practicing?

I'm trying to use my alcove ( where bed is ) as a vocal booth. Today I figured good ways to make it acoustically dead. It should make vocals and acoustic guitar sound cleaner. Also I just realized I can prolly sing louder without disturbing the neighbours now.

Made a pop shield from household items today. Smile

I've also done some warm-up demos. I used lyrics by some familiar collaborators from this year Fawm and last years 50/90. That is a good way to test your gear and cables.

I still have to install free Windows 10 to my pc. Hope it goes well. I really don't need any computer OS problems during the Challenge.

My muse
She is a spewer
As one might be
In a sewer

You'll get wet shoes
If you're idle
The solution
Is to sidle

Sewer sidle
Sewer sidle
My muse makes me
Sewer sidle

Sewer sidle
Sewer sidle

Tony Visconti talking about recording Bowie's "Heroes". ... Some of the sounds are awe inspiringly BAD, but together, with the right engineer[s] they work so well. Sigh. Fripp's guitar parts, and Eno's weird noises. Tape reel, Bowie's voice - he puts so much into it.

I'm prepping by just pushing out demos for the soundtrack for a game to build kind of a running start. I find a lot of licks and ideas get thrown out during this process and then I just make that into another song.

I have been prepping by:

- practicing my older songs and covers
- writing a song a week in the FB skirmish group
- Listing ideas and themes
- reading books
- painting
- Spending time with family on vacation

Dang, I forgot to change strings on my guitars.

opposite problem here to the thought expressed in the original post... im trying to think of some ideas for songs, and everything I'm thinking is just feeling obvious, or something I've done a million times before, or both. Hopefully that feeling will change, but I'm starting to wonder if this year i'm just 'not gonna be feelin it'...

@iveg I say just start. You can always cut out two days early in October. I always thought that forcing yourself to not write in the days leading up to 50/90 defeated the whole purpose of pushing your own creative limits. I've been writing down ideas... like titles and topics and techniques I want to use. I should probably set up my mic. I will write down lyric fragments and go on long walks and improvise melody and orchestration in my head.

Yeah, my muse is just throwing up.....she's over there in the corner still suffering from the ...experience that was FAWM 2016...haven't written a thing since...but there's hope that the personality that writes music may show up eventually. I've tried a few "games"to get her writing...hopefully soon. I may try some practice skirmishes this weekend

My muse is doing a great impression of a scatter-brained, indecisive dilettante.

[@brrrse] Sorry to hear that FAWM was so hard on you! :/ My muse has never shut off since FAWM so I've been weekly skirmishing to keep the edge going until now.

@iveg, Heroes has to be one of the most brilliant recordings ever done. Smile Anyway, when the muse calls you must respond, 50/90 time or not! Smile

I agree with @katpiercemusic! The whole point is to get some new songs written!

I've found that if I refuse to work on ideas when they come (and I have available time) then they are lost or changed or they lose that spark. And if I don't work on anything then I often find it harder to get started or harder to maintain momentum throughout the challenge. You've got to get the pump primed to get the water flowing.

My pump is well primed Smile Plus, I've been writing or notating everything Muse has thrown up at me. But yes, many ideas change or lose the spark if they get delayed too long. Change isn't always bad. Losing the spark is. If I remember the trigger event, where I was, I can usually throw some tinder, heat and oxygen on it and get that spark to burn a little brighter again.

I say go ahead and give in to your Muse! Who's going to be policing when you start - except you?!

My music room is a wreck. I haven't written anything in five years. I have no idea what I'm doing. I am so ready. Let's do this. Biggrin

Hey @Malachi and I thought I was in trouble for not writing anything since February! You'll do fine, I'm sure

Meh, muses are overrated. Mine can puke, sleep, be around or not, whatever...

@AndyGetch all good and being able to spend time with the family on vacation...very nice! I think you are ready.

I shoulda waited till about an hour before start time to wake Musey up..I may have to disclaim the first one or two--she's so impetuous!! Smile

My muse has been sleeping. Around not coming home
Left me alone
Going to give the mother of a pup a call
I can Wait till July the fourth

I re-strung a guitar yesterday - first time I've done that since last 50/90 at least. And I perform fairly often, too - old strings are fine with me. But I had time to kill before a gig last night, and I didn't want to have a second beer.
Thanks to the Facebook Skirmish group and something I saw on the side of the road, I have an idea for song number 1, and it's hard to wait til Monday.

My muse, at the moment, is in a dark corner, pulling out repressed memories from her scrapbook and trying to get me to write songs that will make me cry. She is pulling all the tissues out of the box and leaving puddles on the floor. It's messy. I'm letting her out to play a little; I'm trying to persuade her to eat some ice cream and maybe go out for a nice walk on a beautiful summer day. I don't like dealing with negative emotions, even when it is important to process through them. Darn muse! There's enough ugliness out there in the we really have to write songs about that? And she just very sadly nodded, "Yes". Can't ignore the shadows all the time...gotta face them to find the joy.