Multiple Collabs - One Song

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I thought it would be fun to do the 'multiple collab' thing on a song, something fun for mid 50/90 Smile As in anyone can musicate this song, and we might end up with a few versions, all different, of the same lyric. It's always fascinating to see how different folks interpret the same thing.

I picked this song as it's fun, and could be done in almost any genre. The song is called 'Somewhat Like Oscar Wilde'.

If you want to create a musicated version, no need to ask me just help yourself to the lyrics.

I only ask that you please don't change the lyrics, and that you add me as Collaborator when you load it up Smile I'm not bothered about how many choruses, and things like that though Smile

If you don't want to sing the F word, just replace F*** with any word of your choice !