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I'm trying to post a song with an MP3 which is uploaded to my own website. There's definitely nothing wrong with the URL because the mp3 plays fine when I put the URL straight into a browser.
I've done this in past years loads of times with no problem but the process seems to be slightly different this year.
In "Create New Song" under where it says demo I click "browse". That brings up a new window with a place to paste the URL to the MP3. I paste the URL (including the http:// at the front) and then hit Submit, but when it gets back to the Create Song page there's no demo player - just a kind of a grey box with the URL address.

Anyone got any idea what the problem is?

Could it be permissions? Is the directory you are using not available to unknown queries? If I were to put the link in my browser, would it work? If you email the mods I might be able to play with the link a bit. If you post the song and it still doesn't work, you could leave the link in the liner notes and if I see it I'll play with it there. Also, I don't really know much about these sorts of things, so I may not be a lot of help.

Also.. and I think you're doing this. Make sure you are under the demo tab and not the Web tab. It should say *url and then have a spot for it and not say "file url or media source." BTW for anyone else, if you use soundcloud you should be under the web tab if you want the song to have a player on your song page.

OH, just thought of something. sometimes strange characters or spaces can cause problem. Rename your file something like:

PannacottaArmy_song1.mp3 ie,., bandname_songtitle.mp3 and see if that doesn't fix the problem.

As a test, I tried using the URL to an old song link -
This is a song from FAWM this year and it works perfectly well on the FAWM site
but it does not work when I try to create a new song here.

@Eric Distad should probably take a look.

@the pannacotta army - "but when it gets back to the Create Song page there's no demo player - just a kind of a grey box with the URL address"

This is right, I think the grey box is just confirming that the link is acceptable - the player doesn't appear until you hit save (or preview). I tried creating a new song with your link and the player showed up fine when I clicked preview (and the song played fine).

@Vom Vorton - yes I see now. My error - I think I got thrown by the new process. All good now, Thanks