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I've run this challenge before and people seem to like it.

I'll pick a movie at random from my collection, it's got a lot of horror but we collect all genres. I will assign you a a title and you use the title to inspire your song. It doesn't matter if you have seen the film, sometimes it's more fun when you haven't.

If I draw a movie that is part of a series I will use the subtitle, eg "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter" I will use "The Final Chapter".

If you are interested in giving this a shot let me know and I'll assign you a title.

I will assign the first round of titles on July 3rd and then will most likely assign them weekly after that.

If you have played once and want to play a second time no problem, I have plenty of titles to go around!

Make sure to tag it #movietitlechallange

I've always enjoyed this one. Sign me up @wacha

See You In The Shadows…

I'm in!

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I enjoy this one too, count me in!

Sounds fun, I'm in

Looking forward to it.

Yes please!

Add me plz!

Yes, please! Thanks, @wacha Smile

Can I get the movie Deliverance? One of my cousins had a cameo in that film. He was a pet of that banjo boy!

I will be in!

Yes, please!

I'm happy to give this a shot!

Sounds like fun! Please count me in.

I'd like to try this again! It was fun! Thanks!

@wacha, can I get my movie title within the next 20 hours? That's when 50/90 starts for me. My plan is to use the movie title as an album title, and a bunch of other challenges/prompts as song ideas, planning the entire concept album on July 4th.

So yes. Very excited to get that movie title!

I’m in!

Yes please @wacha, if there’s still time - thanks!!

Ooh, this sounds fun! I’m in!

Thank you to everyone who signed up! First round of movie titles have been assigned. If you aren't thrilled with what you were assigned, please take a look at what I was randomly assigned...

@Candle - Metropia
@cblack - The Town the Dreaded Sundown
@dzd - Sadie Mckee
@mikehex - Carnival of Souls
@musicsongwriter - Better Than Chocolate
@JamKar - Maleficent
@tjeff - Stand By Me
@writeandwrong - Inside
@Ray D. Opossum - Foxfire
@coolparadiso - Night of the Living Dead
@Scubed - Scrooged
@vivalarayna - Backwoods Bloodbath
@Sunfire - Blood Wings (Full title is actually “Pumpkinhead II Blood Wings”)
@Kristi - Fade to Black
@kahlo - What's the Matter With Helen
@davidtaro - The Best of Everything
@rwhosings - Road House
@wacha - Schindler's List

Ooooh, I like mine! Never heard of it before, but it sounds dark and creepy, which is my jam. Biggrin Thanks!

Thanks, @Wacha! Never heard of this movie so I looked it up! Looks intense! Now I have to watch it haha! Thanks and looking forward to working on it! Smile

Thank you @wacha for the great title. Enjoyed it. Here's my response on the link below.

Thank you, did you mean I could have a go at "Schindler's List" instead? If not please let me know as I'm not sure Smile

Yes please!

Just finished mine:

Thank you @wacha for the inspiration!

See You In The Shadows…

Please may I join in the next round Ms @wacha mam ?

OMG, I'm so excited about my pick!!!

*runs off gleefully laughing with a maniacal look in her eyes*

Okay I'm in since I loved the last one I did for FAWM! (The Grey)

Wrote a song! Thanks @wacha!

Didn't name the song as my movie title. Instead, the movie title is the name of an entire album of dark-electro goodness!

"The Town, the Dreaded Dundown". That link is track 1. I won't spam this thread with every song on the album. Just keep an eye out for tracks titled "DE - Song-title". Smile

Hi @wacha I'd love a "tittle" Wink Thanks

It's going to take me a while to get a demo up as real life is super hectic at the moment, but here's my contribution. Thanks, @wacha! This was so much fun!

@musicsongwriter - if you want to have a go at Schindler's list you are welcome to. I do plan on writing something for it but I'm sure we'll have different takes.

Here are the titles for our newest round of players:

@Sw1n3flu - Cat's Eye
@Amanda West - Am I Beautiful?
@Amanda Rose Riley - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
@corinne54 - The Mist

@wacha thank you, I just love the music in this movie, I know I wouldn't come up with anything as gorgeous but it inspires me.

Thank you again, Catherine, here is my instrumental:

Ooh interesting one, thank you @wacha Smile

It was wonderful to have a go at the theme you kindly let me have. Now I'm thinking I should try "Better Than Chocolate" too Smile
Thank you Catherine.

Hi @Wacha
If you have more movie titles I am interested!

I would also love one if you have anymore! Smile

Here are the newest round of titles:

@KateStantonSings - Doomsday
@Marilisa - A New Blood (full title Friday the 13th Part VII: A New Blood)

Thank you Catherine. Here is my second piece. This time, to a title I was assigned to:

I want to try

Oh shoot. I had said I wanted to try but it didn't post somehow.

If you are still running this, I wouldn't mind one for the file. Trying to keep a few challanges on hand for when I'm stuck for ideas.

I would love one too as I am just staring to write or think of lost love songs

If this is still open, then I'd be interested in taking part too please

Here are the titles for our newest players:

@cindyrella - “Night of the Living Dead” (not that is matters but this is the 90s remake)
@Spazsquatch - “The Loved Ones”
@kahlo - “When Night is Falling” (not going to lie, I laughed when I drew this one for you and it really was random)
@LyricSlinger - “Kill Bill” (actual title “Kill Bill Volume II”)

Looking forward to hearing everyone's songs!