Mortal Kombat filming, Adelaide

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Who else has put their hand up for an Extra?

i dont think I have the muscular tone or body sculpture that is required to be an extra in mortal kombat.

Maybe if it was couch pototo kombat with a side of bacon id be okay.

@auldy they claim to need all sorts. Some of us have to die in the first five seconds, I guess!!

literal 5 seconds of fame? Im down

Hilarious @auldy! (Couch potato kombat)
You hit my word funnybone. Smile

Hey, my brother in law was an extra in the last Pirate of the Caribb...he ended up as the Governor being shot or blown up or something, centre screen close-up shot. But then, he has a weird presence. (He didnt' get paid any more for it, mind yoU!)