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@mikehex Will do. Looking forward to your seed song.

Just posted *43104, let me know if you think it's okay for a seed

Here is my Morph 3 “New Love Songs” of @Powerstars awesome song “Frustrated, Broken, and Gone”

@bunter you are next!

Here's the next entry in #morph2 - *43313

This is based on @mikehex's song and it looks like it's going back to @wacha next!

Here is my song

It's based on @vom-vorton's song.

Thanks Kahlo2013. Here's my version for Morph 3. I used your lyrics but I changed the music.

Well done Morph 2 team @wacha @spirulence @kahlo2013 @lowhum @mikehex @Vom Vorton being the first to the finish line. Morph 1 seems to be paused but I am last after @Mt.Mélodie with a month and a half left so there is plenty of time. For anyone interested in playing (or playing again), there is still one opening in Morph 3 and four openings in Morph 4.

I'd be interested in playing again!

Could I join Morph 4?

I'm up for another go too, throw me into the gap in Morph 3 if it still needs filling?

Splendid! @Vom Vorton you are up next in Morph 3. @wacha you are up next in Morph 4 with @kahlo2013 to follow! With a couple more sign-ups, or someone wishing to offer a seed song, we are on the verge of having enough sign-ups to initiate a Morph 5.

Here's my #morph3 track! This is based on @lowhum's song and goes back to @spirulence next!


@Vom Vorton received, awesome!!!

Put me in for morph 4 pls!

Here's my track to finish out morph 3. So amazed and lucky to be in the company of great musicians here.

Here’s my morph 4

@lowhum you are up!

@AndyGetch I've been holding off of listening to the songs in morph 4 until it comes back to me, but that gap doesn't look like it's going to be filled. Should we truncate it (you do 6, I'll do 7 and we'll call it done)?

@mikehex good suggestion and thanks for the nudge on Morph 4. I made the suggested truncation adjustment and will get something posted by the weekend. Here is mine *45704

Finishing off morph 4! Here's my track: *45774