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You know the drill. Take 50% of the previous song (whatever your interpretation of 50% is) and add 50% of your own stuff to make a new song, then listen back and see how the chain progresses.

Who's in? I propose chains of no more than 10 people. I'll happily start one if I can be included later on in another.

Morph 1
1 - Helen
2 - Vom Vorton -
3 - tootoobee
4 - tcelliott -
5 - izaak -
6 - AndyGetch -
7 - Powerstars -
8 - Rainchaser -
9 - Mt.Mélodie <---

Morph 2
1 - AndyGetch -
2 - pipewrench67 -
3 - john crossman -
4 - iveg -
5 - Jamkar -
6 - Helen -
7 - Vom Vorton -
8 - barbara <---
9 - downburst

I'm up for one of the "basic" ones.


Sign me up! I haven't done one of these for ages.

Sounds awesome! I'd love to get involved~

Love Morphs, they always push me to my limits and beyond, I'm in!

Love to give it a go.

I'll play!

Just to clarify, it isn't an exquisite corpse where you take the last ten second (or so) and write your piece to it.

You actually listen to the song before yours in the chain (and none of the others) and then write and record a new song that is based off the previous song but has been changed at least 51%. What that entails is up to you. Sometimes it's the same music but different lyrics. Sometimes it's different music but same lyrics. Sometimes (and from my experience, more often) it's changing both the lyric and the music just enough that both are different but recognizably from the same source.

Does anyone want to volunteer to start the second one? You can be in both, if you want?

Yes to both and yes can start #2.

Brill - thanks, JamKar. I have put you down to start Morph 2, and will adjust the lists as necessary. If you want to shout here when your song is done, I'll make sure there's someone to take it.

Sign me up please Biggrin

Morph number 1 is underway!

Darn, already??
(and, yes, I realized it's not an exquisite corpse after I posted that above. Sometimes it takes my brain a while to kick in)

Yeah - it was either last night, or this weekend, so I thought it was a bit rude to make you wait a whole week when I offered to start.

Hi, I've never done one of these so I should probably get in on it, who has the sign up sheet?

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I also would like to participate

I like to morph in my spare time. Sign me up please!

Sign me up, please!

Righto - I've added everyone, I think. Please shout if I've missed you off; it isn't intentional, I assure you. @Fuzzy - @JamKar - how are you getting on?

Working on it. I'm doing 10 hour shifts all weekend, but I'll try to put something together.

I am planning on getting Morph2 started this weekend.

Work is piling up, and I had a sinus headache all weekend. I need to move down the morph2 list. Can someone start?

@helen @JamKar I don't mind moving up to go first as long as I get to morph someone else's song in this or another chain. I will post something today.

Here is the start for Morph 2 @helen . @pipewrench67 you're up!

Big thank you Andy!

Well, following @JamKar, the earliest I'll be able to get to it is maybe Thursday (if I'm lucky), so I'd like to drop down the list as well. Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone.

Thanks, Andy. No probs, Jamkar and Fuzzy. I've rearranged the lists.

@Vom Vorton - you're up on morph one. @pipewrench67 - you're up on morph two.

OK! Will get on it this week.

@helen I will be done tonight or tomorrow although I'm not sure if I'm doing 100% (or 51%) correct. I will pass it along when finished.

Thanks @helen

I'm down for joining the queue for either morph if that's okay.

@sph - how are you getting on? As there's nothing on your profile at all, I'm concerned you've gone. Please give us a shout by Sunday if you're still happy to morph this soon. Otherwise, I'll push it along to the next person.

@helen, can I join the queue for morph 2? I love morphing.

As there's still no word from @sph morph 2 is getting handed to @john crossman - sph, if you still want in, I'll put you further down in the list.

@gurisha how are you getting on?

I would like to be in on one of these if it gets to the end.

@helen - yep, I can step up on #morph2 !

In the absence of any response from @gurisha, I'm going to bump morph 1 on to @tootoobee

OK @helen, I take over Smile

@john crossman Do you need me to send you a file or can you download ok?

@pipewrench67 - I'm good, just having a busy week. Will try to get what I have in my head onto a more stable medium.

Finally, for the #morph2 chain I can contribute this thing: *16889. On to @iveg!

OK, somehow finished my morph in morph chain 1

You're next @Mt.Mélodie

I was sent the wrong link. Here's my morph of of that song: *17613 . I guess it's a free for all wild mutation, so anyone who wants to morph it, have fun.

Aha, so we now have a morph branch! I propose that we run with it and @JamKar morphs @iveg's song, and I'll morph @john crossman's.

No. Please. I really like John's song and want to morph it. If people want to morph, anti or otherwise mess with my song,feel free. I hope to finish morphing John's song tomorrow night.

Ok, then Smile

Sorry about that, my fault. I nearly inadvertently created a Moerphbius songstrip! Thanks to @iveg for rolling with it.