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So far in another thread started by @plainwhitetoast, here is his explanation @downburst @JamKar and @airbagtester have expressed interest. What is a morph you ask? Here is my explanation. A morph is a songwriting chain game where the first song in the chain can be any 5090 song that someone wants to volunteer. The second songwriter opens to the first song and changes or rewrites approximately 50 percent of the first song, posts a recording of their rewrite to 5090 as a new song, posts a link to the 5090 song post in this thread, and sends a message to the third songwriter that it is their turn and if it has music, provides musical information like key, chords, tempo. This post will act as a scoreboard so particpating songwriters can see progress to anticipate their turn, and know which songs to avoid opening when they are up later in the chain.

Changing 50 percent can be whatever you want for a words and music song, all new words to the same music, all new music to the same words, or a hybrid of changing part of the music and part of the lyrics (which I prefer). In the spirit of experimentation, it could be interesting to have an instrumental chain, and even a lyrics only chain. Obviously the lyrics only chainwriters are changing 50 percent of the words, and instrumental writers changing 50 percent of music.

I also like to name the prior songwriter as a collaborator, but that is optional. What makes the game even more interesting is if everyone from the third songwriter in the chain on only opens the previous song, and does not open the first song or any songs before the previous song in the chain. Another fun thing is for the songwriter who volunteered the first song to also finish the chain with the last song. Ideally we would have five to eight people in a chain, and each song would be written in a few days to keep the chain moving. For writers in the chain, it is a lot of fun to open prior songs after your song is posted.

So who else would like to play and who wants to volunteer a song for words and music, lyrics only, and instrumentals?

Morph 1 (words and music)
@AndyGetch - *20947
@airbagtester - *21934
@helen - *22557
@plainwhitetoast - *22712
@izaak - *25057
@AndyGetch - *26267

Morph 2 (lyrics only)
@AndyGetch - *21340
@Amanda West - *21870
@kahlo2013 - *22003
@Stephen Wordsmith -

Morph 3 (instrumentals)
@sph - *21098
@plainwhitetoast - *21536
@pipewrench67 - *22959
@izaak - *23314
@AndyGetch - *24200
@sph - *25086

Morph 4 (words and music)
@helen - *21387
@JamKar - *23114
@tootoobee -
@plainwhitetoast -
@hazeyjohnii -
@Powerstars -
@iveg -

and so on Smile

Thank you for organizing! I'd be in for Morph 1 as well but don't have a song to start either.

I am happy to start a morph, but only if I also get to participate later in a different morph. Can I suggest you split the participants for morph 1 into 2 sets and perhaps someone else could step up to start one morph and participate in the other? I probably won't get to writing a morphable song until the weekend.

thanks @tootoobee I have added you to the list, @helen I listed you to start morph 4. Any song can be morphable really, but whenever you have a song that you feel is ready, post it here also. I'm adding people in the order they sign up and giving the thread about 24 hours to see how volunteers we initially get, and how many want to start/finish, then will organize on that basis, and add/edit later as we go. Thanks for the suggestion! Participating in multiple morphs is certainly an option for anyone who wants. The same person who starts one morph does not have to finish the same morph. The order of participation is flexible. I'm happy to shift folks around as requested Smile

How lovely to see this challenge open to lyricists. Sign me up to finish Morph 2, please.

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I like to do morph 3. I could finish an instrumental to start with on the weekend or be one of the successors.

@AndyGetch "Any song is morphable" - I know, sweet, but a lack of song is not morphable, so it will have to wait until the weekend.

I would like to play. I'm interested in either or both of the words and music morphs as well as the instrumental. Please put me in the queue for any or all of those.

I'd be willing to go first, but I don't have a completed song to offer. I have one song from a skirmish, but I'm not sure if I'd want use it for this purpose.It would get things started. Maybe I'll try to compose something today. Or maybe I'm better as a non-starter. I will leave it to you to decide @AndyGetch, my decisionator has been broken for a while now.

All right, @plainwhitetoast let me know if these lineup slots work for you. @helen it's only day three Smile plenty of time. @sph you're up in morph 2 if you have a song to offer! Would you also like to be last in that chain?

Can you move me from morph 2 (lyrics only) to morph 4?

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OK, here's my start to Morph 3
@plainwhitetoast Take over!

@AndyGetch i'd like to participate later, Not necessary last.

I get to follow @helen. Yay! Biggrin

and we're off. Since no one else volunteered a song to start Morph 1 I offer up my humble skirmish song. Morph1 is now full and @downburst you're up! Also @plainwhitetoast is up on the instrumental skirmish. @sph let me know if where I put you works.

is there a lyrics-first corpse i have failed to find?

@tsunamidaily I have not seen a lyrics-first corpse thread yet, but its only day 4 of 90 :), would you like to participate in the lyrics-only morph?

I will hopefully get started on the instrumental morph tonight.

@tsunamidaily, I just posted a new thread for the lyrics-first corpse.

I'll jump into #3 if you want to add me to the list somewhere.

Thanks for stoking the inspirational fires @plainwhitetoast. Tagging lyricists to see who may be interested in the lyrics-only morph idea since this is the first time I know of for a FAWM/5090 lyrics-only morph songwriting game @kahlo2013 @Arthur Rossi @ChariotBaldwin @Tasha Parker Gibbs @Amanda West @cindyrella @writeandwrong @Donna Devine @wyatt @Kristi @Kingwood Kowboy @LadyRed @Chandra83 @musicsongwriter @kc5 @Acousticmaddie @SueAwesome @PeteMurphy @tiller2, if yes or if you have questions or concerns, drop a note here or on my soundboard, if not then no worries and no reply necessary.

I'm in for lyrics only Smile @AndyGetch

Thanks @Amanda West

Hi @AndyGetch could you add me to Morph 4 please? Thanks for organising.

I would be happy to be in a lyrics morph!!! If room please add me! Thanks!!!!

@hazeyjohnii welcome to the fun!

lyric only for me...

I have posted to get the lyrics-only morph started @Amanda West you're up!

Ok - Morph 4 started - over to you @JamKar

cool, in case I miss the note when it's my turn, my email is

Oh rats. I forgot to sign up for this! I'd like both words and music.

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@AndyGetch I don't think we need a second instrumental Morph in July. Please move me from 5 to 3. If no other will participate I'll gladly be the last one in that thread.

Here's my morph of @sph's song: *21536

I've been having trouble getting any work done in the home studio, so rather than hold things up or ask to be moved down the list, I did a quick phone capture of my morph. I'm not super happy with it, but I'm not super happy with anything these days; why should this be any different?

EDIT: there is an mp3 link in the song's liner notes, if that works better for the listener. The video sounds better to me, though it is the same audio.
So, now it goes to @pipewrench67.

@sph done as requested and I added myself in as a placeholder to make sure we get at least five in the Morph 3 instrumental chain. Since the iconic words and music morph chains seem to be the most popular I also switched Morph 5 to another Words and Music morph if there is interest for another July chain. @iveg I put you in as last in Morph 4. I haven't heard back from @downburst in a few days so I moved him down a couple of slots, which means @airbagtester is up on Morph 1 .

He y'all, sorry I've been off line. @AndyGetch, thanks, message received.

@plainwhitetoast I will start working on it tonight.

@downburst no worries, we'll get there Smile

@AndyGetch here is the second part of Morph2 lyrics only

Tagging @kahlo2013 to change the next 50% Smile

Okay @helen, I finally finished part 2 of morph 1 so now it's your turn:

Cool - thanks. I'll get on that shortly.

Oh hey! I want to play too, @AndyGetch ! I'll jump in after @pipewrench67 on the instrumental Morph 3 , and also join a words and music morph, maybe number 5.

Okay petra777 I sent lyrics to you

Okie dokie...I might be slow to get mine done as I'm having surgery on Thurs & will prob be drugged up for a number of days...if OP prefers to shuffle me to a diff spot for timing, no prob...

About 80% done with my portion of#3

Thanks for the update @pipewrench67. No worries @petra777 and I hope that all goes well. Thanks for letting us know, and as @Stephen Wordsmith is the only remaining person after you in the lyrics-only morph, we can wait until you are ready.

Sorry - I've been holding up morph 1, haven't I. Will get on it today.

Thanks for checking in @helen

@JamKar any progress with Morph 4?

Thanks @helen.

I'm going to try and have it done sometime on Wednesday.

I'm finished with morph 1: "No Doing, No Try" *22712

You're up, @downburst.

@AndyGetch Here is part 3 of Morph 3 (finally)

I finally finished Morph 4.

Thanks, I started working on this one