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What is the Morph challenge? It is a chain songwriting game that has been played here for more than the ten years I have participated. For those unfamiliar with the 'morph' challenge, it is generally where there are a series of songwriters that change or 'morph' a preceeding song into a new song by changing about 50 percent of the song.

How does it work? The first songwriter offers one of their songs as a 'seed' song. It could be a song that is already posted, but, preferably is a new song written for the challenge that no one has seen/heard or commented on. When posting the first songwriter also posts the song link in this thread and notifies the succeeding songwriter. It is helpful for each songwriter to either include musical information with the post (tempo, key, chords, instruments, etc.) or to send that information the the succeeding songwriter in a message. Each succeeding songwriter (from the third songwriter on) only listens to the preceeding song, and each changes about 50 percent of the song and posts it as a new song. Ideally there are at least five and no more than eight songwriters in each morph and each songwriter completes their turn in less than a week. Schedule and progress of the morph(s) will be tracked here. If someone signs up and does not respond within a few days, then we may need to skip to the next person to keep the game moving. The first songwriter also gets to participate a second time, either as the last writer in the morph or as a succeeding songwriter in a different morph from the one where they offered the seed song. Of course anyone is welcome to participate in more than one morph. It is each songwriters discretion on what constitutes changing 50 percent and whether to name the preceeding songwriter as a collaborator.

Can lyrics only writers participate? Yes! A lyrics only morph is similar to the music morph above. 50 percent of the words are changed and/or rearranged to create a new song. Otherwise the process is the same as a music morph and the 50 percent change only applies to the lyrics. To avoid confusion any music collaborations on a lyrics only morph post should be posted as a separate song or added to the song post after the last songwriter in that morph posts their song and the morph is completed.

Please post here if you would like to play or if you have any questions about the Morph challenge.

Lyrics Only Morph 1 Good
1. @kahlo *47786
2. @nate.gerry *47853
3. @Spazsquatch *48007
4. @Donna Devine *48052
5. @lowhum *48368
6. @kahlo *48393

Lyrics Only Morph 2 Good
1. Seed song @Donna Devine *48133
2. @Amanda Rose Riley *48723
3. @tsunamidaily *49471
4. @kahlo *49479
5. @AndreaB *49567
6. @Donna Devine *49572

Lyrics Only Morph 3 Good
1. Seed song @kahlo *49782
2. @vivalarayna *50200
3. @AndreaB *50331
4. @cindyrella *51580
5. @Sunfire *51582
6. @kahlo *51601

Lyrics Only Morph 4
1. Seed song @vivalarayna *50977
2. @kahlo *51780
3. @kenmattsson *51929
4. @AndyGetch *52202
5. @vivalarayna

Music Morph 1 Good
1. Seed song @AndyGetch *47208
2. @kahlo *47620
3. @wacha *48073
4. @nate.gerry *48177
5. @dzd *48193
6. @AndyGetch *48467

Music Morph 2
1. Seed song @lowhum *48296
2. @sunnymae *48617
3. @kahlo *48814
4. @mikehex *50688
5. @lowhum *52295
6. @Spazsquatch

Music Morph 3
1. Seed song @wacha *48834
2. @kahlo *49397
3. @mikehex *49986
4. @dzd *50373
5. @nate.gerry
6. @wacha

Music Morph 4 Good
1. Seed song @AndyGetch *49484
2. @Amanda Rose Riley *49657
3. @kahlo *49762
4. @dzd *49785
5. @lowhum *50031
6. @AndyGetch *51683

Music Morph 5
1. Seed song @kahlo *51939
2. @AndyGetch *52239
3. @dzd *52346
4. @lowhum *52385
5. @kahlo

Music/lyrics song for me

Could also do a lyrics only morph

I'm in, I can do the music morph.

Sign me up for either!

dzd's picture

I'd be up to attempt this as well on the musical one.

Thanks @kahlo @wacha @nate.gerry @dzd for joining and already getting it rolling!

I have started a sign-up for Music Morph 2. We will need a volunteer for a seed song.

Happy to play on the second round for music

I'm interested in both since I think. The skrimishs broke me and I can't do anything unless there is a deadline attached to it.

That said, I'm struggling to imagine what the musical morph is like? Is it taking the original audio and building from that like a remix or more like a loose cover song? Or is that the "each songwriters discretion on what constitutes changing 50 percent" clause?

Thanks @Spazsquatch. I'll sign you up for position 5 in Music Morph #2. Meanwhile, listen to how the songs change in Music Morph #1 and maybe that will give you a better idea. The musical morph typically has fallen into three general categories. 1) Using all the same lyrics and completely changing the music, so more than a loose cover, more like a musical reinterpretation; 2) Using very similar music and completely changing the lyrics; or my favorite 3) Changing some of the words and some of the music to whatever the songwriter feels is a 50 percent change in the song. With music there are a lot of things that can change, melody, key, instruments, tempo, time signature. I hope that helps and invite others to share.

Put me in for any spare

@lowhum I added you to lyrics only. Also would you like to provide the seed song for, and then go last in Music Morph 2?

I would like to join the morph chain, but it's my turn in the multi-track challenge so probably best not to put me in slot one or two.

Here is the seed song for the lyrics only morph:

@nate.gerry you are up!

@simpleiscomplex I have added you!

Yes please

@AndyGetch I'll take the empty No. 4 position in Lyrics Morph 1 if you like.

Hooray, thanks to @Donna Devine, the Lyrics Only 1 Morph is now full. Anticipating further interest I have added a Lyrics Only 2 and Music Morph 3.

Here's my lyric morph!

@Spazsquatch you are up

I could follow @lowhum in group two please :0)

Splendid @sunnymae!

Awesome Sauce! @andygetch

My lyric is posted:

Your time to shine @Donna Devine

@Donna Devine unfortunately the song is not on your profile page, or the song list, and the link goes to a 'page not found' error message page so I will wait for you to repost.

And here's mine. I hope I did it right. Wink It was good fun!

And now over to you, @lowhum

@AndyGetch I can do a seed song for Music Morph 3.

@Donna Devine yes you did it and thank you! Last you when I posted two different multiple collaborator songs the song showed up once for each collaborator on my song list, however my song count at the top of the page was correct. So I just ignored the duplications in the song list on my profile page. I hope that helps Smile .
@wacha very cool thank you for kicking off a Music Morph 3!

I’m a little addicted to morphs as it forces me to try making music. I would be happy to follow wacha on morph 3 or be later on this list or keep it open for others. Thanks for running this Andy! I have loved where your seed has taken the first morph!

@AndyGetch can I get in on a music morph?

I know I have an outstanding morph but I'm also down to sign up for an empty slot in morph 3

@AndyGetch, I'll provide the seed song for Lyrics only Morph 2 if you like.

thanks @Donna Devine @mikehex @nate.gerry you are signed up!

Here's my song for the Morph 1! @dzd you are up!

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Here is the seed for music morph2

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I'll take that spot on the music #3 Biggrin

Thanks @dzd that fills Music Morph 3. I have opened up a fourth for anyone who wants to play or play again.
for the lyrics only morph1
though it cries for music!

I just noticed this... I'd like to sign up for the next morph! I'm more interested in the music inclusive one, but if you need more people for lyrics only I could give it a go (I could always just write the music but not put it up till the challenge is over!)

@lowhum yes definitely put it to music! Perhaps wait to post until after @kahlo posts a lyric to complete the Lyrics Morph 1?

@Amanda Rose Riley welcome. I'll keep adding morphs, until the first of September, and then add a slot or two at/near the end of a morph as long as people sign up and where it makes sense. I'll put you in for both.

Lyric morph 1 is a wrap with this final lyric! I love how the seed lyric was totally transformed!

Thanks to all!
1. Seed song @kahlo *47786
@Donna Devine

And huge thanks to Andy!!!!

and Music Morph 1 is a wrap *48467 thanks to @dzd @nate.gerry @wacha and @kahlo. Now I'm off to listen to the twists and turns the meta song took from my seed.

Here you go guys... Thanks @lowhum for the fantastic seed song. I shall pass the torch.

I just finished my first lyric morph from @Donna Devine's seed song. It looks like we still don't have anyone for the next iteration, but I look forward to hearing it when we do! *48723

lyrics only, please

Happy to join a lyrics only morph!

And working on the music morph! Just need to record!

Morph2 is done, thanks to the collaboration with the talented musician Val Cox! I love how it turned put! I morphed the lyrics and Val morphed the music:

@simpleiscomplex it is your turn!