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The morph challenge is: Person 1 writes a song.

Person 2 takes that song and changes 50%. 50% is whatever you decide: Lyrics, chords, instrumentation, style, or any combination.
Post a link to the morphed song in this thread and inform the next person in the chain.

Rule 2 is: DON'T listen to the other prior songs in the morph chain before you've finished and posted your morph.

[If you decide to be Person 1, I will also put you at the end of that chain, so you have the fun of morphing the morph [x5] of your original song.]

Who's in?

MORPH 1 (tag your songs #morph1)
@simpleiscomplex <--- YOU'RE UP
@Peter Arvidson

MORPH 2 (tag your songs #morph2)
@helen+@Cicpisces - *31332
@Powerstars <-- YOU'RE UP
5 open
6 open

MORPH 3 (tag your songs #morph3)
1 open
2 open
3 open
4 open
5 open
6 open

Sure, I didn't sign up for any of the other chains this year. I feel less guilty about not owning a guitar with a morph than a corpse.

I'm in! How long should the song be generally?

@simpleiscomplex You have 6 completed songs. Which one would you like people to morph? [Easier than writing a new song just for the challenge!]

@Peter Arvidson You're re-writing the song mostly for yourself. Write it until it feels done. Typically 2:30 to 4:00. If the person before you writes something that feels too short, make yours longer. If it feels too long, make it shorter.

Happy to play along! Please add me to the chain if there is room!

@kahlo2013 Plenty room! Thanks for joining!

@iveg Give me a day or so to update the demo for Silly Sally, and we can use that one. I'm in the process of adding instrumentation, which might make it easier for people to work with.

Thanks for the update! Keep us posted!

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Include me in the first round

@sph Added.

I'm morphing in

please add me to the first chain.

I'm in, but if you want a starting song, that may take a while (at least until the weekend). If someone else could start chain 2, that would be better...

@plainwhitetoast added to Morph 1
@helen added to Morph 2. If you come up with a song [or we can use a song you've already done] let me know,
@Cicpisces added to Morph 2. I see you've got only lyrics so far. Do we need to find someone who can collab with you on the music?

@iveg perfect! Thank you.

Yes I do lyrics. So need a composer.

@Cicpisces If it can wait until the weekend, I can do music to your lyrics. Drop me a line.

Sign me up for chain 2, please!

Ok, @Powerstars! You're on Morph 2.
@helen and @Cicpisces - are you collabing for the starting song for Morph 2? If so, I'll also put you at the end of Morph 2 so you can morph the morph [x5] of your song.

I'm good to collab if Helen is.

I'd love to do another morph. Did my first one last FAWM.

Right - here's a starter for morph 2

@Cicpisces + @helen Great way to start off Morph 2! You're at the end, so you can finish it, too Smile
@Powerstars You're up!
@squeakmouse73 You're in Morph 2 right after Powerstars
@simpleiscomplex Silly Sally is a good song. We could run it as is, if you're having problems making a backing track.

count me in for whatever is free Lol

@lowhum morph 2, slot 4!

Can I be greedy and be added to one of the other morph chains on my own too?

Is Morph 1 moving forward? I would be happy to do either 5 or 6 of Morph 2 if those are still open