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All this talk of angels and flying reminds me of Issac Sturnhorns dissertation on alternative underground rules at the Royal assembly of ‘62. He clearly went off the rails, attempting to fly to Paris and “the metro”. Hmm but that was pre channel tunnel, perhaps it requires revisiting. So i may not have to go to visit Isaac for a chat, who is still in pentonville prison, so close i can still smell Nidd on Candles cloak

Well we are coming down to the wire, and the tension is mounting as to who will win this last round. Personally, I think @Candle is going to pull it out of the proverbial bowler. I believe that we can conclude this very friendly game with drinks at The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe Pub where we can regale each other with our excellent play. Therefore, I play:


I'm not so sure about that, @kenmattsson There is still some time left &, tho I am close, there are still some challenges to overcome before I'm able to "pull it out of the proverbial bowler." The way I see it, this is still anyone's game. And with that in mind (and those controversial "le metro" talks brought back up), I'm going with a safe move (for now), a move first attempted by Lord Barnaby Bertram Stillingfleet in that aborted 1954 tourney on the cliffs of dover (now famously remembered as the Dover Dumbler Tournament). I'm hoping it fares better for me than it did for him on that fateful day so long ago:

Goodge Street

See You In The Shadows…

Oh wow Goodge street! that is an extraordinary move considering the demise of the champion Cedric Shatworthy in 69 (apparently they are still looking for the remaining pieces of him!) so i will have to act fast using my last remaining tube of wort cream and sneak up to that mispronounced station

St John Wood

Ah, we are coming down to the final stretch, and I see we have a lot of tactical play happening, so I will have to reach back to play of Sir Humphrey Humphrey in the 1981 St. Kilda Championships and go out on a limb and play:


Your move @Candle!

Nice work, cblack, by the way, I've been getting away with throwing in stations that are actually in Sydney NSW every now and again for years and nobody's ever challenged me on it!

And with that, St James' Park (yes, only one "S", because i'm playing my time travelling card this turn!)
This also means i get to nip in before Candle, i think!

Nip & tuck? Or duck & cover? Not sure, but there's one thing I am sure of: I just played a Transfer Card & moved along the line (in the footsteps of the late, great Everardus Addle who won the world championship back in '72 with exactly the same move) one last time to our final destination:

Mornington Crescent

A great game everyone! Thank you all for such fun sport Biggrin It was a pleasure crossing the tracks with all of you!

See You In The Shadows…

Congratulations @Candle for your grand victory! Well deserved. I guess all that time in Nidd helped you strategize. Well played.

I agree that this has been a stellar game of play, and I look forward the next playing at FAWM 2022!