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Ken, you're right, I think playing it safe is a good strategy at this point. There are way too many variables at play right now & I have this sneaking suspicion that a trip down the river Nidd may be in my future if I don't play things right. As such, I'm going with the safest possible move I can make given the current situation:

Oxford Circus

I can’t believe this chain of topic. So many comments, and I still have no clue what you are talking about.
So I will select Tower Bridge.

@mandolinda, good to have you with us. This game can been a bit confusing at first (given all the complicated strategy and rulesets) but given the cleverness of your lyric writing, I know that you will catch on quickly.

As we're in Tower Bridge (while not a tube stop a solid entry) and we have been in Central London for a while, I'm going to go way out on a limb (or at least the Northern Line) to shake things up a bit.

Golders Green (bet you didn't see that one coming!)

Welcome to the game @Mandolinda! It's always great to have more players Biggrin

Now what to do about Golders Green? I had just come back to central London after being in the NW corner for most of the game. Now what am I to do? The banks of the River Nidd seem to be getting closer everytime I move & there's a pincher line that seems to be setting up amongst all my most esteemed opponents (co-players?). Well, @kenmattsson, you've certainly forced my hand with that move. Well, my only recourse is to hope that I can take up a defensive position down the Central Line using a Track Transfer Scurry to:

Notting Hill Gate

See You In The Shadows…

Well, it seems that we have some sleepy players (or maybe an extended tea time), so I will yet again take my opportunity to jolt everyone back with a move that is so cunning you can brush your teeth with it:


As it has been languishing so long, I feel I have full right to step in and play again, since there's no one to stop me.

And as I have no one stopping me, I will play:

Mornington Crescent!

This August game has languished in the ashes of the Ides of March. Perhaps I need a Ceasar… Or was that simply fiddles reverberating off the burnt marble? I'm not sure… I'll ask Nero the next time I converse with him. At any rate, congratulations @kenmattsson! Well played. I was hoping someone else would have a turn, but it seems you & I might be the only ones still playing… Well, if you'd like to continue, we can start another round. As the previous winner, you should decide the ruleset.

See You In The Shadows…

Ah yes, I choose the Cavendish ruleset with the Somerset addendum, since this will obviously a be wild west (country) type of game. Given that:


Cavendish ruleset, eh? Alright, that makes me change my normal opening gambit to something more of a cattle hustle.


See You In The Shadows…

Well, one play deserves another, and perhaps this will be more like a tennis match!

Oxford Circus

I haven't really played any tennis since the seventh grade, but I'm sure it will all come back to me. Sort of like riding a bike, right? Anyway, I guess it's my move then. I'll keep with the tennis theme, I think:

Wimbledon Park

See You In The Shadows…

And to bat it back to you, I will just sneak over one station to:


Well, I've got an extended ride & need to transfer to the Piccadilly Line to hopefully get a leg up on this match.

Earl's Court

See You In The Shadows…

Ah, the Earl's Court Gambit (last played successfully in the 2004 East Midlands Championship by the Sir Huxley Huxley. Clever move.

I shall do what I can to avoid a precariously perilous trip to Nidd by playing:

King's Cross St. Pancras

Well, I think my best move, also to avoid the river Nidd, is to call upon the spirit of Emperess Maude (the late daughter of King Henry I & the wife of Emperor Henry V (the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire)) & saunter over to:


See You In The Shadows…

Ah, the Knightsbridge play. That has gotten me in trouble so many times, and I've had too many trips to Nidd with that leading in. Luckily, I've learned from my mistake (and a clue from Mrs. Trellis) that after such a stellar move I should choose:

Hounslow Central

Oh ken @kenmattsson the move is obvious. As Dusty Rhymes said pre the time expansion of 1937 and the camel explosion that followed ‘there is only one way back”

Birdsville Track (Via Plaistow)

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No idea what's going on here (and frankly I don't want to know) It made for a very interesting read though Biggrin

@dzd, it's a very old game with ever shifting & complex rules that really (in the end) don't matter. As long as you stay out of Nidd Wink

Speaking of, I had better get out of Knightsbridge before Empress Maude is sent back to Normandy by King Stephen (her son eventually rose to the throne, good ol'King Henry II, but I digress…), then I will be in Nidd for sure. My only move (after such a cunning play by @coolparadiso ) is to make sure I get to a station where I have many transfer options. So I'm going to take a trip to:

Green Park

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. I'm glad to see this has expanded from the tennis match between myself & @kenmattsson

Ar well thats fortunate @Candle i can nip down have my soapbox rant at Hyde Park Corner and be at the Rembrandt Hotel (named of course after Sam Rembrandt the florister) for high tea and play my community chest card i am of course then in

South Kensington

Ah the game is becoming much more spirited then. I am so pleased.

Since we are currently in Hyde Park Corner (with the unfortunate appearance of the dancing walruses of East Purley clogging up the streets with their interpretation of the wedding scene from the 1923 version of "Oh Victoria", I think it is best to make a quick exit to


I might speak French, but I'm hoping that my next move isn't my last (as it was for an infamous French Emperor - you know who I mean). I did get my toes wet as I crossed the Thames & there were some Lords argueing on the greens in front of Parliament, but I just kept on going until I got to:


See You In The Shadows…

Waterloo is indeed a fine station as is it's sunset. Napoleon it appears was never impressed by it, he was heard telling Josephine that tonight was the wrong night for it, perhaps better was a sunny afternoon. I am more intrigued by the Pearly royalty who were doing the walk

Lambeth North

Well, the game has gotten more spirited, and I'm quite chuffed about it. Time to pull out my signature play of:


Cockfosters, well… hmmm… that puts me in a tight bind, now doesn't it? I'm on the wrong side of the river for that play. I guess that means I need to undertake the old Northern Bakerloo Combo Switch (it's the only thing I can do without ending up in Nidd) & wind up at:

Charing Cross

See You In The Shadows…

Ah, I remember the delight at my first trip an coming out of the Charing Cross station to go have a meeting with Princess Anne to discuss a new charity to bring corgis to schools in place of a royal visit. Unfortunately we didn't get very far with that recommendation, but I digress.

Anyway, I need to being a diversion so that my strategy isn't so well understood, so here's a virtual spanner in the mix:


Lucky I have my socket set, all these Mixes of imperial (long live the empire) and metric are just to confuse. I would prefer to use the measurent system by the Austrian svengali Hess Von Reichardt which is more fluid in style, but my time is up as I digress only time for a sneaky hop to the end of the line


I once saw a Canadian stand-up comic that had this whole bit about confusing Americans even more by adopting Metric Time. He was talking about taking a break that would last two decaminutes & that perhaps the term for political office could be set at a Megaminute. If you wanted to know what time the hockey game was on (we're Canuks, we like our Hockey, eh?) you'd have to know that there are two Kilominutes in a day, so the Hockey game comes on at 1.15 kMin Smile

Anyway, I too have digressed & seemed to have lost track of how far/long I've come in this game. And having you two make such cunning moves that might put my entire lack of a strategy in peril. So, I'm going out on a limb (one which is 1.34m long, if you're interested) & move onwards to:

Goodge Street

See You In The Shadows…

Well, I feel like the Canadian and Australia players are thinking that, as an American, I'm less refined and have a smaller view of the world. I have to say that I've taken 1.1 kMin to review the whole Cavendish Ruleset (with the 1984 and 1992 addendums) to make sure I'm appropriate for international play, and therefore chose:

Dagenham Heathway

Well well !an Australian being considered refined is a unique viewpoint- not since "the Woolamaleellamaoo Charter" of 1935 banning refinement has this required re visiting. Only answer is to dive in to Australia House .An arduous and tricky trip but no choice so it's


Well @Candle seem to have fallen in Nidd (which seems so apropo at this time), yet the game must go on. I'm going to go as far afield as I can with this play to reset all expections of a straight-forward play:


So tell me it’s gruff and enough so why not “sluff”. Cough and plough I’m so confused, then theres all that rhyming slang, you have to hear those bells or you are a foreigner or worst a Mockney. Keeping an eye on the river and Nidd in the distance i make my move to hear those bells

Bow Road

I'm just floating down the River Nidd. Will catch up to you once the tide comes back in…

See You In The Shadows…

Ah, as @Candle is in Nidd, I will not wait for him to make his play (as he has a better chance of catching the Piccadilly line out of Wembley), so I will go next and choose:


Clearly the Amersham gambit has been used too regularly for the 6th revised set of the 1957 rules but the triple-threat rule requires that I find myself at... King's Cross.

Well, if Kings cross was the last played, the so-called 'underindectiture rule of opposites' would counter the king with a fool, or a clown, or a circus of them, and playing the 'di-ribald rule of paddington (of course the 1934 addendum rather then the 1947 re-codification, which was un-certified in the later anti-Paddington movement) then the station would have to be:

Oxford Circus!

Ah, we have some new cunning players joining this round. This should be enough action to get @Candle out of Nidd. Tremendous.

I think that @mike skliar is making a rather risky move by mentioning the "di-ribald rule of paddington" as that has been under much debate and has brought about much consternation, broken chairs, and players leaving in a huff in past games. Also, as Oxford Circus was played earlier in this round, I believe it makes his last point mute. As this is a friendly game of cunning and skill, I will bring us back to a more gentile play of:

Harrow & Wealdstone

I see Battersea Power Station on the horizon (including a flying pig wafting above the smokestacks, I might add), but alas - the torrent currents of Nidd still have my birchbark canoe captured in its wake. Perhaps next round I might be able to get back into the Underground… until then, I continue to to float down the river…

See You In The Shadows…

Well, when there's a lull in the game, there needs to be a bit of firepower thrown in to recharge. Given that neither @coolparadiso, @mike skliar, @metalfoot, @Dragondreams, @Calum Carlyle, @Tim Fatchen, @ElaineDiMasi, @cblack, nor @Mandolinda (All past players this season) have elected to follow @Candle's valiant attempts to rescue himself from the ever present trials of Nidd (or have you finally reached dry land?), I will have to take us to a place that is so far out that the Queen has never acknowledged that it is in Greater London:


Land ho! At last, and I am so far from where I had planned to be by this point in the match. Upminster, now that is indeed cunning, @kenmattsson. And here I am trying to dry the sodden filth of Nidd from my soaked surcoat. What to do? In fact, where am I? [Looks past a few signs and notes a name he recognizes]. Ah, it would seem (much to my displeasure) that I find myself on the DLR at:

Pontoon Dock

Pity, that's almost as bad as Nidd… Wink

See You In The Shadows…

Ha was easy to follow the trail, i could still smell Nidd on Candles Cape. Fortunately the DLR is near to Good ol Canning Town, on the jubilee line! Oh Jubilee i remember it well, i remember Wing Commander Farqhuar- Smyth pulling an all nighter and phillybustering on Clause iv section 12 of the Bristol charter at the Royal Assembly, I still go woozy at the memory. Only one thing to do, off to see John Watson

Baker Street