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Come come now, don't tell me there's not already a game of Mornington Crescent on the go! What rot and piffle! Are you all too busy writing songs or something?

Marquis of Fensbury rules, wot? I'll start, since i have rolled a six (scout's honour, i have!).

Bull & Bush (North End)

*dusts off his aged copy of the Marquis of Fensbury rules*

It seems to me that as a resident of one of the former British colonies I have no choice but to be found where royalty is less than pleased.

King's Cross.

And as someone who lives "down the road" (so to speak) from the above British Colonial (I'm only a few hours east of him), I seem to have found myself closeby at Paddington Station. Funny that…

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. @Calum Carlyle, I rolled an 8, if you're interested (using a twenty sided die, you understand).

No need for me to check your work! I think i'll continue my risky but unorthodox gambit and move to... Pitt Street!

Pitt Street? Are you sure you've got the most recent edition of the rules? You are aware that move has been frowned about since the incident in 1927, no?

Anyway, in the spirit of 50/90 positivity, I'll let it slip for now.


Yes, the 1927 incident was unfortunate. So, I think I'll steer clear by going somewhere that was not built until five years later: Wood Green

See You In The Shadows…


Point taken about Pitt Street.

Epping, eh? They're still fighting to get the Ongar line reopened… but I digress.

Upminster (we seem to be stuck with Eastern Terminals… funny that).

See You In The Shadows…