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Does anyone know how I can get to Mornington Crescent? I'm sorry, but I haven't a clue, and I lost my rule book after last February's "Finchley Fiasco." All advice will be heeded, or ignored, quite democratically, of course.

Oh yes, please - I don't post but I love watching, and I play along with my home-edition. Please please, can someone tell him how to get to Mornington Crescent? Smile

there have been long delays on the Mornington Crescent line as you may have noticed. thank you for your patience.

Frankly, we're lucky to still have a tournament this year - I'm sure we're all ready to forget that unpleasantness with UKIP's proposal to rename the station 'Mornington Cross' - I'm sure I needn't explain why.

"Cut-and-cover" isn't just a construction technique, it's the perfect metaphor for that, @Stephen Wordsmith. Well, as an expression of optimism for better things, I'll start us out at Edgware Road station...Bakerloo! Smile

So, would this be game 4 (with @TomS, @pearlmanhattan and @wobbie wobbit having already won one each)? Ah, nevermind, I'll likely cheat anyway (but it's not cheating now is it?)

I recall in the early nineties during my first and only (sadly) trip to London. I was excited to travel on the London Underground having only ever experienced it through the movie American Werewolf in London! I never quite figured out where we were or where we started but I do recall we exited at Mornington was either Euston or Camden Town! Smile

I feel as though I almost won...

Wow, what an unexpected development! Detroit has never been played in this game - I mean, as long as you don't count the 1968 post world series victory Al Kaline diremption, and somehow no one ever counts that, without being wrapped around a few pints at least! And yet...and yet...the Q-line to Midtown it is!