Monday Skirmish August 2, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

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Seeing if there are any folks interested in a Monday skirmish, I'm more than happy to host.

WHEN: Monday Skirmish August 2, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT


TAGS: skirmish, songskirmish, s080221, feast, ritual
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @wacha

Timezone converter: is external) (link is external)

When you have finished your song or lyric, share the link in this thread.

It is part of the fun and the etiquette to listen to other participants songs.

*Although the skirmish is set for an hour, if you are late or run over you can still join in, there are no skirmish police!!

Remember to have fun!

I'll be here if I remember !

Hope to join. Thank you for organizing it.

Mind be a little late to the party, but I would love to join!

Love this idea, for the next few weeks I'll have to be several hours late, but after that should be free to join in at the appointed time. Thanks for doing this!!

I'll be there. Thanks for organising it.

I'm going to try to be there. Haven't done a skirmish yet!

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Few minutes under the wire. Thanks @wacha I'll listen to everyones a bit later I need to go wash down whatever it was I swallowed and make sure its dead with some alcohol Biggrin

Here's mine:

I'm pretty meh about my job on this one but it's a song and it's done.

I'll be back to listen to everyone's songs tomorrow morning. Thank you to everyone who played!

Got mine just in! I loved this prompt.

It's a little simple, but I'm pleased with it. Could use some more refinement.

Thank you Catherine, here is my instrumental:

Wacha, Not seeing the demo for yours! I'd listen to it if I could!

Late again - but here is my effort. Thanks Wacha for the prompt

Here's one. I know I'm late but it still came out in less than 20 minutes.

Sorry I'm late. Just had the chance to spend some time on this theme which is a good one!