Misti Con, Tarrytown, NY

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On the VERY off chance that anyone is going to Misti Con this weekend, make sure to check out Albus and Scorpius' Excellent Adventure on Friday at 7pm. I'm opening and performing in the show.

Sounds fascinating. I go to a lot of cons, but mostly IT related

This one was Harry Potter fan convention. It is definitely interesting. A good place to people watch when you've got actual business travelers mixed in with people dressed like wizards in a conference center. The hotel bar is especially fun.

Did you video tape it? (Do you video tape...)

I didn't. Someone may have recorded it. My set was cut very short and I felt my performance was not my best. In the show I got to be Delores Umbridge in the Cell Block Tango parody. I got booed when I came on (appropriate), and got laughs when I did my part.