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Sep 3/16 - I was upset today, after seeing an alert in a songwriting group I belong to, to find that several of my tracks appeared on MiMP3s, tracks I had posted for FAWM, 50-90, and GYAWS. A couple of them I have pitched to music libraries as well.

I went through the list of tracks appearing on MiMP3s and they were all public tracks on Soundcloud. I have gone through them and made them all private. I took screenshots of the MiMP3s page for proof.

It's a Spanish site. It appears they are not charging for the music, but they are permitting it to be downloaded via use of a site called File Fetch, which you have to join.

escuchar - hear
descargar - download

Search your name on this page to see if you have music there

Some friends have sent a 'cease and desist', others have shrugged their shoulders.

Okay, my whole soundcloud is there. How screwed am I? What do I do now

Make them private on soundcloud and the list will disappear. It appears they access the public list on soundcloud for their website. If they want to listen they're just listening to your public track. If they want to download they have to go to another site which hacks the 'no download' and allows them to get a copy of your track. I think.

The links aren't only from Soundcloud, I've just went ahead and deleted the songs from Soundcloud yet they are still on the site! And just a quick look and I've found one of them from youtube! So whenever we post they can still grab it I'm afraid.

Hmmm. Why did you list them on SoundCloud to begin with? I did it so people would listen to them! Doesn't this just mean more people are gonna listen? And if you make your songs private on SoundCloud now no one can hear your music! Why bother having them on SoundCloud in the first place? Also, as someone mentioned, this is not just SoundCloud; they can get your songs from 50/90 or FAWM quite easily. The bottom line...if you post something online there is always an easy way for others to download or capture it.

So I found one of my two soundcloud accounts had music on there. But the "escuchar" doesn't work. It won't play. And when I click on "descargar" it will open a player but I can't figure out how to download it.

I don't want to worry anyone, but there are many ways to grab content off the web. If it streams then a copy can be grabbed. The chances of someone actually taking your song is minute and the chances of someone taking your music for anything other than to listen to for enjoyment is even smaller. These compilers are grabbing thousands upon thousands upon thousands of links just to up their song count to try and get people to join and/or pay for a service.

I think I started it all back in the 1970's when I'd record "America's Top 40 " on my portable cassette deck.......

Ah, okay TC. I do get where you're coming from and you're right. Okay, no panic then. Thanks! Smile