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I've been using EZ drummer for quite a while now and I've pretty much exhausted all of the libraries. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a good repository for more drum samples.

Samples or midi files?

Yes, the link @Hummingbird posted provided a topic where the second poster in that thread gives a link where you can download a zip file with midi drum loop. I did download and will move that file to my music computer. I probably will use some of that free stuff in my next project. That said, I just skimmed a few directories and don't actually know the quality or what is in that zip pack of midi drum loops.


I too feel the EZdrummer library of loops are getting tired but when I start looking at internet midi files I notice a lot of them use worse drums than the EZdrummer simple patterns. I think it comes down to fills, pauses and break sections. However, that task can be tedious and take too much time. These loops in the zip might work better for songwriting because I think they are 2 or 3 minutes long....some of them at least. You'd have to check yourself or I can let you know later if needed.

If you'd consider buying another synth, you need to have addictive drums. The sounds are beyond this world.

Well you could always tweak the EZD patterns by editing them in the MIDI window of your DAW - that's what I do. You could input/program your own patterns too.


I usually make my own midi for drums, however.

I'd second what [@the panacotta army] says - and even before you get the MIDI into your DAW, don't forget that EZD lets you edit an existing midi loop with a really nifty "Edit Play Style" internal interface that lets you specify how "busy" you want each drum to be, which drum you "lead" with, and so on. It's very powerful; you can get markedly different results and then save it as a new clip in your library for later use. It's great for coming up with unusual fills, for example. Here's how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Yv_ElNC5E

But have you really exhausted *all* the libraries? Aside from the material that comes with each kit, there are dozens of separate midi libraries for sale on the Toontrack site. They do some pretty cool bundle deals on them, too.

(Edit:) If you have access to an Ableton Push and Ableton Live, Mad Zach's free fingerdrumming pack is a must. Tons of fun!

@headfirstonly have you ever tried the Edit Play Style with a midi file drum part for the whole song?

@TomS I haven't - I'll have to try that, just to see what EZD makes of me asking it...