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Please check your spam folder in case you are missing messages from 50/90. I've discovered some messages regarding possible collaborations which I could have easily missed.

yes! I used the 'contact' button here on the site to send a message to someone, and thought they just hadn't responded yet. BAM! There it is in the spam folder...
Thanks for this!

Same I checked and there was one there too! Thanks Nadia for the post

You are both very welcome.

I was thinking, "Well, that'll never happen to me!", and guess what I just found in my spam folder?

Well, I think all messages are automatically going there. Even if I send a message and click on an option of having a copy sent to me, my copy is in the spam folder. So I suggest everyone here might find some messages. I would have missed collaborations if I haven't disovered this so I thought I should share my "discovery" Smile

Nadia - I would LOVE to collab with you! <3

Deena, I'll be delighted to collaborate with you but you know my limitations. My voice isn't good enough for the songs so we'll be having to look for a singer unless you think you could sing our song/s. So far this task proved to be very challenging for many songwriters due to my "classical" based melodies. I can try though if you are happy to go for a collaboration Smile

Thanks, Nadia!

You are very welcome Ophelia.