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HOST: @yam655

THEME: In Evil Steps

TAGS: megasuperskirmish, msskirmishO1s, in evil steps

WHAT: We'll have a 1 hour song skirmish and it will go something like this:

1) At the start of the event, I'll announce a theme for your inspiration.

2) All participants write, record and post a song within an hour. (Lyrics-only posts are also absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway. There are no 50/90 police!)

3) Participants share links to their songs. Fun and embarrassment ensue. But most importantly, everyone has one more song!

Be sure and tag your song and also post a link to it in this thread.

If you participate, please listen to (or read) and comment on the songs of the other skirmish participants. (That's part of the fun!)

Good luck and enjoy!

P.S. If you can't start at the announced time, you can still participate. Just post your song written within the hour after you start.


Oh! It's me!

THEME: In Evil Steps
(From Titular)

Mine. I was worried about the lack of comments on the thread, so I did it three times: