Mega Song SkirmishS30e: NUDE (Sat 30) 02:00 BST, (Fri 29) 21:00 EDT, (Fri 29) 18:00 PDT, (Sat 30) 03:00 CEST: @kahlo2013

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TIME: (Sat 30) 02:00 BST, (Fri 29) 21:00 EDT, (Fri 29) 18:00 PDT, (Sat 30) 03:00 CEST:

HOST: kahlo2013


TAGS: #msskiishS30e, #megasuperskirmish, #

WHAT: We'll have a 1 hour song skirmish like this:

1. At the start I'll announce a theme or prompt for your inspiration.

2. You write, record and post a song within an hour. (Lyrics-only or music-only posts are also absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway. There are no 50/90 police!)

3. Please share links to your songs below in his thread and tag them. Importantly take time to listen/read/comment on the work of other participants.

4. If you start late that is okay! Just try to post your work within an hour after you start.


Here we go? Biggrin

Are we ready to start 'er off?

Theme/Prompt: NUDE

Wait! You don't want to change the title! That messes with people who were stalking the page as refreshing the page results in an invalid page. It also makes it impossible for people to pick the skirmish up as a random challenge later. (Though I suppose this late in the game it doesn't matter much.)

I'm not sure if I commented on my song and it was lost in the title change or if I forgot to do that. (As submitting a comment will also cause the comment to disappear if the page it is on has been renamed.)

*26013 I think.

*26015 Only a couple minutes late!

I lost track of time and started almost half an hour late, so here's my late entry: