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Yeah, way before all this, I was pushing for a moon base from which "we" would, could/would then launch *from there... little gravity, legistics different, and other. (Launch our Garbage to the Sun Smile ... gotta be Green-green that way, the ultimate incinerator! (all nuke, chem, plastic straws Smile )

So, ... I am sure I'll be having a rocket man moment b4 or by September end!

You? Well, we shall see!

No rules, anything space related, CBD, TCH, xyz-rocket fuel Wink XXX-Cuervo-Mezcal


So, this one came to me and fits "here" (not "mars" specific, but planetary Smile ish) :

This calles for the Legal Martian list of drugs:
1. Phobos root.
2. Martijuana
3. Etc.

Hey @lowhum -- that's fun and interesting.

I was watching some "sci-fi" thing and some "stuff" in Space thing came up, -- in the movie they cited "maritime" law of "Earth" and that it applied in space... I thought that had an original ring to it Smile

Anyway, when on open water, no laws against many things otherwise within borders.

We should come up with a list of (enforceable or not) "Laws" and etc.

So, per for "now" Smile

All of my "Ships" will have no country of origin registration since as the Big Kahuna, Captain of the Ship, I may override laws I don't like Wink Smile ... ahhh the life of a Space-Pirate.

-- Music, shall be a priority!

Music should be the law!