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Hey there Manitobans! Hopefully there will be some of us making music over the summer! Cheers!

I think you are alone in Manitoba, @metalfoot. Sad

No longer the last post in the list.

There are plenty of FAWMers from this province but summer is a time many Manitobans like to spend outside, because we only get such a short spell of really warm, nice weather... so I guess I'm not surprised?

Hi Alex!!!

Lifelong Winnipegger here!! As metalfoot says, Manitoba's brief spell of awesome weather can prove to be a distraction for many. Personally, I just haven't felt inspired to write and record anything ... yet. Enjoyed a wonderful trip out west, however (Edmonton, Canmore, Banff, etc). Brought back some great Alberta craft beer, which I'm currently working my way through. hehe. We shall see if the muse strikes at some point before the end of 50/90. In any event, cheers from Manitoba!!

@Deaf Steever!! Good to hear from you, dude!!

@Deaf Steever Glad to hear from you! I'm currently in New Brunswick on the back half of an Atlantic Canada trip.... but home in 9 days.