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I know there are some mandolin players around here - one of you, @Mandolinda, for sure!
I decided to use the beginning of the new month as my reason for re-introducing mandolin into my life. (It was actually in a September some years ago that I began playing it as a way to spice up the remaining days of 50/90.)
In the past, I've gotten pretty good at mandolin by focusing on it for a few weeks or so. But then I put it away for long stretches (it was easily a year since I touched it before yesterday.) So there's a lot of re-teaching involved here.
Now, I have four stringed instruments out - ukulele, guitar, banjo, mandolin - that are all strung and tuned differently! (And I may even get around to playing my four-string cookie-tin electric slide guitar this month.)
I haven't posted any mandolin tunes yet, but that will happen today or tomorrow.
Who else here is a mandolinist? (And what is the term for a mandolin player?)

Good for you. I actually used a banjo for my 10x10 segment which has not been posted yet. And I borrowed a mandola to use with one of my songs. I have never tried any other instrument, other than kazoo, dried beans in a soda can, etc.

I write on mandolin, when I don't have a guitar. It is generally good to change differently tuned instruments, the more different string instruments you play makes the next one much easier

I've got a mandolin that my brother gave me (he's given me about 4 instruments already), but really haven't done much with it. It's not the highest quality, but I'm sure I could do something with it. Need to figure out the chording of it.

@Mandolinda - I just read a bit about the mandola. Interesting counterpart to mandolin, similar to viola/violin connection.
@lowhum - I've written a few songs on mandolin. Guitar and lately, ukulele are my go-to writing instruments.
@kenmattsson - Mine is not high-quality either. As for chording, I have a laminated page of chords that I had to re-refer to.

Years ago, my daughter took violin lessons, and I learned some along with her, the Suzuki way. I still have a violin around here somewhere. Mandolin is tuned the same way.

I own a mandolin and even used it on a demo once. But the last two times (all last year, I think) I used mandolin I used the LABS free vsti.

The mandola is a lovely low sound. If I bought one I would get acoustic. I am not keen on electric instruments. Too many chords, knobs and dials to figure out.

The mandola equates tone wise with the viola, yes?

Saw this thread and got my mandolin out- which is a good thing, it had been too long since I had played it!

wrote and recorded this little thing

I play mine regularly, it's always out and ready. I tend to use it for bits and pieces rather than whole songs, maybe I will do a full one soon.

Okay you have tempted me to dust off and even tune my mandolin and maybe make a 50/90 appearance!

Did y'all know a mandolin makes a fine percussive instrument? I use it thusly in my song "I Fell In Love With A Beaver"!

I have been playing mandolin for ages myself too, and this year i have actually done one tune using it for 5090, which is pretty good for me since I've hardly used the mandolin at all during fawm and 5090 in the past, it has been sadly neglected in my repertoire!

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I have an old tear-drop one and I NEED to use it this 5090...hummmm

@Gm7 - Mine is teardrop-shaped, too, and a beginner's model. I played a super-nice mandolin once at a friend's house (a big name - Gibson, maybe?) and I think mine is just fine in comparison.
@Ray D. Opossum - I just gave that song of yours another listen. I had commented back in July. Fun!
@mike skliar - Good one, too!

I've done a couple now, with one more on the way tomorrow. Then later in the week I'm going to try a guitar/mandolin/banjo/vocal for a collab friend's lyrics.

Just did this one on mandolin, and I'm kind of fond of it!
'pushing a boulder'

Here's an Experimental piece called "Liminality For Two Mandolins And Prepared Piano". *51864
I really like to use my mandolin in weird ways.