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If you are a musician who would like to collaborate I would be love to share any lyrics I have with you and steer you to ones that of a particular genre or theme. Alternatively I would be happy to write lyrics to music you have if you are willing to sing them. Just let me know! Happy to try anything - at least once ; )!!

You currently have 137 lyrics, and yet not one, as far as I've seen, about beards! I mean, I'm just saying. But I would be honored to set such lyrics to music, were you ever inspired to write some.

Normally I wouldn't be so persnickety, but I've made it my mission only to sing about beards this 50/90. However, I certainly respect, if don't quite understand, if, somehow, the subject matter didn't capture your imagination, so no pressure! Biggrin

Thanks, this is helpful. I just posted something on your profile page.

Point me to that beardy collab, once you guys get it done. I wrote a song about handlebar moustaches once when I was very drunk, so I guess facial hair qualifies as a musical interest of mine.