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This is where we get the lyricists to exquisite corpse some lyrics and then musicians musificate the lyrics exquisite corpse style.

I will run this at least through July, but I am pondering making it a Kaiju and running it all summer. That means the musicians will need to get started earlier. I'll probably let a few lyricists get their pieces done and then start giving bits to the musicians. The musicians will always be a few pieces behind the lyricists.

Lyricists write what they believe to be enough lyrics for a minute or so of music. Send me the entire lyric and send just the last couple/three/four lines to the next lyricist. Write an estimated minute of lyrics, send full to me, pass last few lines to next. Repeat down the line.

Obligatory exquisite corpse explanation video links: (link is external)

Part 2 talks about the Kaiju and Lyrics-First exquisite corpse and some other variations. (link is external)

Looking for Lyricists and Musicians.


Stephen Wordsmith
Donna Devine

Musicians (in no set order):


i'll do lyrics. if no-one else wants to start it, i will.

I'll go second.

Count me in for lyrics.

Lyrics? Sure, I'll give it a go.

Music please.

@tsunamidaily Sure thing. Go ahead. Thanks.

I'd be interested in doing lyrics now-ish and music considerably further down the line as it may take me a few weeks to get all the way set up for recording.

I'll offer either if no one else comes along, preferably music, but either is okay.

is the order of lyricists listed the order it goes in? i sent my whole lyric to @plainwhitetoast . should i send a couple of lines to the next person listed?

Yes, you should. Address is in my profile.

I'm willing to do music, but stick me down the line as I am away from recording equipment for another 11 days or so.

I on the other hand am available (ish) for the next ten days for relatively quick turnarounds!

I'll do music! Smile

I'll do music, too! Smile

@plainwhitetoast - got your muso's, Tom?

@marvsmooth - a good start. I will get things organised soon so they can get going by the weekend.

For the umptillionth time, I've been horribly remiss at getting my segment done. However, it is done. Segment in its entirety has been sent to @plainwhitetoast...

And The final
To @Donna Devine

I now have Stephen's line, and will get busy writing my segment later today. I first have to take care of a couple of work-related things before I can move on to anything creative. Wink

Update: OK, I've just sent my segment to @bithprod.

Hi Donna! I'm getting an Access Denied when I press the link. Are you able to email me the segment? Or perhaps someone tech savvy could explain why I'm unable to access my 50/90 messages? Thanks.

@tsunamidaily please send your lyrics to me again, I seem to have misplaced the original message.

@bithprod What's your email address? (Write it though so that doesn't attract spam.)