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I know there's a better explanation elsewhere, but here's the basic gist;

A group of people take turns to provide a section (usually around a minute) towards an eventual piece made up from the different contributions placed together to make a whole...

The catch is that each contributor only gets around ten seconds of the end of the predecessor's section to link their section from.

In a Lyrics-First Corpse, it's slightly different, wherein a group of lyricists provide different sections, until all of the sections have been completed, once again passing on the last snippet of their sections to the next person.

Once those lyrical bits are finished, then the musicians/singers for them to music, once again in a similar fashion.

Who's interested?

1. @Amanda West
2. @tsunamidaily
3. @suzi_muzi
4. @wyatt
5. @Stephen Wordsmith
1. @izaak
2. @Vom Vorton
3. @AndyGetch
4. @Rob From Amersfoort
5. @Mt.Mélodie

1. @marvsmooth
2. [@brrrse]
3. @Donna Devine
4. ?
5. ?
Music -
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

Sign me up, but please put me towards the end of the queue if you're planning on starting within the next couple of days.

@Stephen Wordsmith - thank you Mr W sir. I don't think it will be starting too soon by the response this far.

I'll bump these threads on Saturday when the site will be busier!

Hiya, I love doing the Lyrics First Corpse. You get two lots of lovely surprises: first there's the wonderful redirection the lyrics take as they progress along the lyricists and then, second you get to hear how your lyrics have been set to music by the musicians doing those parts. It's great!

Sign me up please. My 50/90 is starting slowly with nothing up yet but some things in the pipeline. Prefer not to go first...

Many thanks Smile

i'll be a lyricist in the lyrics-first corpse. i cannot record this summer, anyway.

Am I too late ? Sad

I'm in for lyrics. Remind me though if my turn comes up,I'll be in and out

@Amanda West - do you want to start the initial one and then be followed by @tsunamidaily?

1. @Amanda West
2. @tsunamidaily
3. @suzi_muzi
4. @wyatt
5. @Stephen Wordsmith

How's that for everyone?

We can start a second one if more come.

Lyricists in place. Musification providers are required now!

I will be happy to set lyrics to music for this!

Thank you @izaak Smile

Cool. I've done several of these, but never the finale... until now. I await Wyatt's instructions.

Great Smile and thanks

@marvsmooth So I write say a verse and chorus, but only send the last 2 lines of the chorus to the next person ? Kinda thing ?

Sign me up for music, @marvsmooth

i'm game. game on.

@Amanda West - yep.

I might regret saying this, but I'll stitch this one.

Send the full lyrics to me when you've done, and then when the whole lyrics are together, the musification can commence Smile

Two music people so far - @izaak and @Vom Vorton. I'm not putting myself forward just yet.

Will do @marvsmooth Smile

Hey, this has moved on a bit since I posted in it!!!

That's great, I'll look out for my seed lines from @tsunamidaily Smile

Everybody's up and at 'em. Gooo Suzi !!

@Amanda West has given me the whole of her part towards the first one. Have you got the snippet @tsunamidaily?

no, @marvsmooth i have not received it yet

@tsunamidaily sorry, I assumed marvin would send them to you ! This is my first one Smile I'll get them to you now - how shall I send them ?

I'm sorry Amanda, I can do.

I can also do music @marvsmooth

Thank you @AndyGetch Smile

I would like to do some music!

Thank you @Rob From Amersfoort Smile

Four doing the music so far then! Cool. That might work!

i have handed off.

I can do some music too

I'm trying to be patient ! Smile

Here we are then;

Lyricists -
1. @Amanda West
2. @tsunamidaily
3. @suzi_muzi
4. @wyatt
5. @Stephen Wordsmith
Music -
1. @izaak
2. @Vom Vorton
3. @AndyGetch
4. @Rob From Amersfoort
5. @Mt.Mélodie

Hi all,
have my input from @tsunamidaily so will crack on with the lyric Wink
Be in touch again soon...


It's weird not knowing what other's are writing Smile

Hi all,
just sent messages to @marvsmooth (whole thing) and @wyatt (last bit) for my part of the lyric.

Sorry for the delay I had to go support a friend in Glasgow this weekend so just got back and did it Smile


Got the snuippet from Suzl a bit ago
I'll get after it in the morning

Thank you all.

Lyricists and music people required for the second one Smile

O K--Sent snippet to Stephen and entirety to Marv---we are mobiling!!!!

I'd best get the laptop fired up and start piecing this together, ready for being set to music!

This looks intriguing but terrifying! I'd like to try with some lyrics, but put I don't want to start it off Smile Jumping off cliffs is fun, right?

Aaaaaaaand the lyric is done (I blame my silly time zone)!

Thank you @Stephen Wordsmith and that wonderful Antipodeanesqueish time zone completion three and a half hours into my night shift driving a conveyance that cannot convey a computer.

I thought that sounded funny, but now I think it strides the line between pomposity and ridiculousness.


I'll get the lyrics all pieced together on the morrow, in UK timing... After I've woken from an insufficient rest. At which time I shall divvy the musification duties.

I know that it's not the usual way to do it, but I'm basically matching lyricist 1 to musician 1 and so on, because the changes work in my opinion!

Okay @Vom Vorton and @marvsmooth I believe my part is finished and linked in your mailboxes. The big part for @marvsmooth and the snippet for @Vom Vorton. If you have any trouble downloading the files, let me know. Thanks for the great lyrics to work with, @Amanda West !!

@izaak exciting !!! I'm dying with curiosity here Smile

I have received a snippet to work from and a set of lyrics, I'll hopefully be able to get my part recorded this evening

RIGHT, my snippet has gone off to @AndyGetch and the full segment to @marvsmooth. On we go!

RIGHTO, @marvsmooth my snippet has gone off to @Rob From Amersfoort with a promise that you would be sending along the lyric by @wyatt and the full one minute musication of the lyric by @suzi_muzi sent to the stitcher @Vom Vorton

I think @marvsmooth is stitching this one? Although I'm happy to do so if not!