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In the three months of the 50-90, there’ll be challenges, mini-challenges, and skirmishes galore. Nevertheless, in those – probably rare – moments when your creative well runs dry, below are a few ideas to keep you kicking butt.

Of course, we have the amazing 'MUSE TOOLS' right here on the site (accessed via 'Tools' on the MENU bar at the top of this page), but the links below are fun additions.

Leon's Random Generators can be useful for extra-zany stuff (including band names).

GoogleTranslate comes into its own with surreal lyrics arising from multiple translations from the English and then back into English (e.g. English>Korean>French>Hungarian>Swahili>English). The final result - or lines from it - can be shaped into something profound or hilarious or both.

Into Goth poetry/lyrics? Try 'The Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator'. This is basically 'paint by numbers'; the results are seriously dark (and thus very funny). Tongue in cheek for sure. But who knows... An image or two could generate something monumental. Wink

My two favourite sites for inspiration (mainly for an ironic/quirky twist) are:

Many other sites can generate ideas, or simply be an amusing diversion from the hard slog of creating something unique and awesome from scratch.

@AndyGetch suggests a N+7 poem generator that replaces each noun with the seventh one following it in the dictionary.

@bithprod recommends pasting a couple of well-known lyric lines into
and see where it takes you.

Other sites mentioned by FAWMers/50-90ers (@writeandwrong, @halfwalk, [@elainedimas]) include:

Also from @AndyGetch

A few suggested earlier by @johnstaples on the FAWM Facebook page.

And from @t.c.elliott's FB page:

From @miltz
Take random text (either generated or your own, maybe mix and match) and feed it to this:

From @heuristics
Might stimulate some songs, especially if you combine them with another of the suggestions.

From @Larry
A yoda-speak generator.

Here's another fun tool (WordPalette) mentioned by @thisisbeckyw. You'll find the app here (it's free).
If you use the app, post a link here, and tag the lyric/song #wordpalette.

And from @tsunamidaily

Feel free to add other entertaining lyric-generating sites or ideas.
If you use any of the above tools, be sure to post a link to your lyric/song here.

From yam655

IA’s fantastic BardCards
You can see/order them here (and the price has been reduced).

Marvsmooth suggests:
Check out a random Wikipedia page.
(I know from experience these can yield fun and surprising results in the form of a lyric/song.)

Feel free to add new tools. If you write something inspired by one or more of the tools, please tag it ‘#quirky’ and post the link here.

May the MUSE be with you! Smile

Give MapCrunch a try! Here is how I use it...

1) go here

2) click the green Go! button and repeat until I land on some place interesting

3) click and drag to spin the image or navigate along the route

4) imagine a story to go with that location

5) write a song about it

Thanks, Donna, thanks John!

Thx Donna i didn't keep a copy of last years. I will now!

May I just say:
1) This list is awesome
2) Isn't it nice to not have the character limit in a post that FAWM's board does? Biggrin

It's good to see folks willing to mung words, - ironic with all the song structure stuff folks engage and gud-anglish stuff.

What I've done, like, forever is, -- if I don't have a just write word Smile I make one up as a place holder; and then, I'll do an etymology search. Often I find that the "made up" word, is, maybe or was a long ago dropped or infrequently used word, -- a "real" word?!? hmmm, if I speak it, is it not reeel?

However, I also, (I entertain myself so well Smile ), then come up with the stuff I find fun and keeps me motivated, like my morning-mourning-news writes, song in 5 mins or so.

"Tools" are -- folks who applied an algorithm to output something, you then use as "yours?", -- in this "method"?, I get to more narrowly focus a "Rorschach Test" of/for/by "me" and so, derUgo Wink Uno?!

This one has been running since the 90s -

you can also add one and reload to get another one and be inspired Lol

Always lovin' your list, @donna-devine and that link!! I ended up in an RV park - how's that for inspiration?? LOLOL

Great post and great links! Thanks for the assist

What a lovely hedgerow full of strange plants and mind-altering fungi this thread follwos!

These are AWESOME ideas. Thank you for sharing!