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Below are several ideas to help kick-start - or kick-finish - this year's 50-90 for you. Smile

They're not meant to replace the 'usual' sorts of creative inspiration/motivation. But often it's just plain fun to peek into the 'alternative' tool-box.

We of course have the amazing 'Muse Tools' right here on the site (accessed via 'Tools' in the above toolbar).

Here's a relatively new site geared to helping find the right rhyming words.
Ultra simple to use. (***Hmmm. The creator of the site appears to have removed it. What a pity. )

Leon's Random Generators can be useful for extra-zany stuff (including band names).

GoogleTranslate comes into its own with surreal lyrics resulting from multiple translations from the English and then back into English (e.g. English>Korean>French>Hungarian>Swahili>English). The final result - or lines from it - can be shaped into something profound or hilarious, or both.

Into Goth poetry/lyrics? Try 'The Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator'. This is basically 'paint by numbers'; the results are seriously dark (and thus very funny). Tongue in cheek for sure. But who knows... An image or two could generate something monumental.

Two sites for inspiration (mainly for an ironic/quirky twist) are:

Many other sites can generate ideas (or simply be an amusing diversion from the hard slog of drumming up something unique and awesome).

The Wille-Hoopshank Songwriting Challenge Generator
Mentioned by @andygetch a couple of challenges ago, 

for a lyric word mash-up a mesostic poem generator is fun.

He also says that similar fun is a N+7 poem generator that replaces each noun with the seventh one following it in the dictionary.

And @bithprod recommends pasting a couple of well-known lyric lines into and see where it takes you.

Other sites mentioned by FAWMers and 50-90ers include: @writeandwrong @halfwalk @elainedimasi

Also from @andygetch
poem generators

Here are a few suggested earlier by @johnstaples on the FAWM Facebook page.

And from @t.c.elliot's FB page: @yam655

From @miltz
Take some text (maybe generated, maybe your own, maybe mix and match) and feed it to this:

From @heuristics
Might stimulate some songs, especially if you combine them with another of the suggestions.

From @larry
A yoda-speak generator.

Be sure to add other sites or ideas to this list.

And if you end up writing a lyric or song on the basis of one - or more - of the above tools, don't forget to mention the link in your liner notes.

Wow!!!! Thanks so much for the extensive list here...
I for one plan on checking them out...
Nice share!!

Hope you get some use out of it, @Cynthia Wolff. Wink If nothing else, give the Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator a go. Some results will be hilarious in their over-the-topness. Wink But you can always use bits and pieces as a launching pad for something more…ummm…credible.

@Donna Devine thanks for keeping track of so many resources for us!!!

This will be a great resource for all of us!! Thank you, Donna Smile

Thanks @Donna Devine, this is a great collection of resources Smile

Here's another fun tool (WordPalette) first mentioned by @thisisbeckyw.
I couldn't resist downloading it, and have posted my first attempt (I also referred to our very own titular tool).
You'll find the app here (it's free).

Here's the lyric.

If anyone else uses the app, please post a link here, and tag the lyric/song #wordpalette.

don't forget this one!