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I have searched through the forums and can't find this thread on 50/90... if I missed it please just delete this one and let me know ? Thanks Smile

This is a thread mainly for lyricists who look for, and find, collaborators for their lyrics.

It is where you can add your Demo track after the fact, where already posted 50/90 Song was previously just Lyrics Only.

This is mainly because it will not appear a second time at the top of the 'Songs List', and therefore many will not know it has been posted.

For instance you found a collaborator and a demo was made after you posted your lyrics etc.

Hope this is ok all Smile I know we had a thread for this on FAWM, so I assumed it was ok here Smile


A rough demo has now been recorded for 'The Sharp End Of The Knife' (thanks to Louise Goldberg)

This was my #1 track for 50/90 this year (well I write the lyrics). Now today I am lucky that the new demo for 'Can't Stop The Noise' has been uploaded, thanks to collaborator [@brrrse]

I found some blues for @TheTau and put some words to Quackers...

I set Mr. Stephen Wordsmith's Lemonade Legs to music over here...

My lyric 'Said Father To Kate' has just been interpreted. Twice.

Do you like the finger-snapping cadences of Jazzy Blues-Pop? Then try this version by @the pannacotta army:

Or perhaps the New Nordic (so in right now!) stylings of Finnish Waltz music is more your thing. Then check out @Klaus' interpretation:

The two demo numbers are anagrams of each other, which makes me irrationally happy. But there's nothing irrational about being happy with these songs.

I just finished staggering through Wy's lyrics here:
Blues Ain't Blue Enough For Me *16293

[@johnny credit] has done a most articulate demo of 'Glassy, Boxy, Cornered, Tilt-Slab Phoenix (sort of thing)'.

I recorded a cover of @Eric Distad's brilliant "This Is A Test" over here.

I just added music to @kahlo2013's beautifully moving lyrics. "The Lost Song"

I've been away from things for a few weeks and just getting started, so I posted a couple lyrics just to get on the board. Now they have demos! and .

I want to delete my post but the site isn't allowing me to do it.

Hi @Rainchaser I think you must have, as I can't see any other post by you on this thread ??

Or did you mean something different ?

Demo now uploaded for 'Sometimes I'm Lonely', co-writer Louise Goldberg.

I posted that was unrelated to the topic because I thought this thread was "collaborating with a melodist", but I realized it wasn't and so I wanted to delete my post but I couldn't and so I edited it. Can a mod delete that post as well as this one for me? I tried myself and it's not working.

@JamKar already had up a lovely instrumental to which I added some lyrics/vocals. Check the demo out here if you like - *16978

Speaking of @john crossman, he took my fairly clunky lyric and turned it into a real song. *17076

I put some music to @Chandra83's poem "City Of Earth" here: *17246

Take a listen to this toe tapping earworm you'll love to's the feel good broadway show number to hear. Let's Touch Heaven - Lyrics by the amazing Arthur Rossi and music by me. enjoy Smile

Version 1 (my take) of @Amanda West's Tale of the Golden Dragon is here: *17190
I had a lot of fun making the music for this song and I hope you enjoy it!

The demo for 'Hold On To My Sanity' is now up at
Thanks to @JoanneCooper Smile

Demo has gone up for Dee's lyrics, "Once" - *16843

And demo for Six Blind Elephants of Indostan, here: *17343

A demo has now been posted for 'Strange Summer' but with a near complete re-write of the lyrics. It's now called 'Family Ties' and is a separate entry on my page.

Here is one that previously was just posted as lyrics only, 'Leap of Faith', about an unexpected pregnancy. It is composed and performed by [@jennfoss] for both 50/90 and last week's GYAWS theme.

I was thrilled to be able to add music to @Amanda West's lyrics "Summer Love". But when @barbara agreed to sing the lyrics, my joy was double.


Demo for Sir Alex the Bard (lyrics by the amazing [@brrrse]) now live at *17861. Might retake later as I seem to be singing flat this morning.

Demo by @Peter Arvidson now added to "Freedom is for Someone Else" - I love what he has done with these lyrics Smile
(still have a couple pending lyric adjustments etc)

I think you tagged pannacotta instead lol :p

Had fun working on this song with you!

Was pleasantly surprised to be ambushed by a collaboration with Sue and @wobbie wobbit.

Very interesting guitar and beautiful vocals. Worth a listen even if you're not a fan of my lyrics.

I thought I found a song:

@Peter Arvidson I am sooo sorry about that - I have changed it now. Sometimes my brain is totally somewhere else Sad
I really enjoyed working with you too. Just holler if you want to again Smile

New demo up for 'I'll Take The Risk For You'. Was previously lyrics only, but the amazing [@pannacotta army] composed and performed this beautiful version Smile

I've added a demo to @wyatt 's 'Faeries in the Flowers' magical lyric.

There is now a demo for 'Nothing Matters Anymore' here, thanks to two great songwriting friends of mine:

running from my own shadow: *16727

demo by @Roel van Veldt

what to think?: *17131

demo by @colgoo

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"Hearts Rain". This is an unusual format for me -- verse, refrain, verse, refrain, bridge, refrain. I'm not sure it works. Some feedback would be helpful.

One of a pair of planned collabs between @AndyGetch and myself is now live: Hockey Night 64-- *18741

I just finished a collab with Arthur Rossi here; *17124 That is @headfirstonly doing the nice guitar work!

Once more unto the breach! @the pannacotta army has once again taken my lyrics in a siege, and they were last seen in a thousand drafts of an Icelandic mystery novel...

Kristjana Guttmundsdottir:

Ok, I got one. Lovely "Summer Solstice" lyrics by wonderful @writeandwrong has now been musified. It's a bossa-nova. Listen to it before summer is over. Smile

Oh, I got another one. I've been doing some collabs lately. And will do the whole week it seems.

"Deep In Me" was a accappella spiritual song by @kahlo2013. Now it sounds like she sang it in a Finnish Lutheran church with some pipeorgan.

Oh, oh, me, me! I got a third one. Dee did some wonderfully emotional break up lyrics and I did some wonderfu...well, let's just say I did the music... Smile

A Silent Grief

*18545 is worth your time. A @Stephen Wordsmith & @metalfoot co-write, about a Soft and Cuddly Graveyard...

Working overtime on a Miller time shift - A collab by @tsunamidaily and me.

A curious thing, fellow fiftyninetiers! I haven't added to this demo, but I now have a demo to add! is now an Irish Pub classic, courtesy of the musical stylings of @izaak.

Demo added for Dee's lovely lyrics:

Would anyone care to lend us their lovely voice (male or female)? I'm kind of ruining the song with my pipes. Wink

Mladen Domíc from Zagreb, Croatia, has taken my Memories lyrics and put them to wonderful music. The song is sung beautifully by a Croatian singer called Mirjana Smile

Chocolate and Cheddar have never been more delicious than they are in the wonderful song #Valerie Cox made from my lyrics! She is amazing! I hope you enjoy the song!

Lullaby with New Val
cox demo!

Lovely new demo by Colleen on my song on gender stereotypes