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Anyone interested in a 50/90 collab with a lyricist ?
I will promise to write at least one song with everyone who responds Smile Assuming someone does respond !

I missed you during FAWM. Send me lyrics!

I'm respondent! And despondent. And recumbent. Or just bent. Even so, eventide, evenly...
Yes @Amanda West, write something for me. I'll go further. Write something for me and tell me that's what I have to work with and not to go chasing other somethings. I need the discipline at present! (It shows, doesn't it? You're just too well-mannered to mention it, right?)

Will do @Adnama17 Smile

@Tim Fatchen I will most definitely and with certainty, adhere to your most delicately put solicitation made with such endearing supplication Smile

I'd love to write a song with you, Amanda.

Wonderful @NuJ4X Smile

I'm down!