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Maybe I should get my Ad here in early this year ! Early bird catches the worm and all that ?

Anyone up for a collab with me this 50/90 ?

I can provide references lol Wink

I'm sure I'll be needing your assistance on some tracks this time! I'm looking forward to it Smile

I don't want to commit but I hope to try one of your songs this year. You are excellent!

Wonderful @Kraftec Smile

Oh my @jcollins flattery will get you everywhere !

@Amanda West I'd love to do a collab with you this summer if we have a chance!!

Perhaps, if I'm a good boy, you might let me try one this year again?

@johnstaples yes please sir Smile

ha ha @ @metalfoot, anytime !

May I? It would be a pleasure indeed!

Yes please fer sure @JamKar Smile

As a fellow lyricist, I cannot offer to put your words to music, but I can attest to the quality of your work.

Worth your consideration, musicians of 50/90.

So yet another lyric minded 5090er hoping for some collaborations with anyone looking for lyrics.

@Stephen Wordsmith @kahlo2013 I might just end up making use of some of your words later this summer...

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I'm ready to provide words if you wish......


@Stephen Wordsmith why thank you very much kind sir, you are most generous Smile
You aren't half bad yourself !

I'm down for writing a song to a set of your lyrics! Sounds like fun, and I remember liking some of your past work. Smile

Ohh @Powerstars sir, most definitely please Smile

Yes! I'm looking for collab opportunities for sure!

Hi @Amanda West, you suggested 50/90 to me during FAWM this year, here I am! Looking to collaborate a lot, so I would be very pleased to try setting some of your work. And @igg too, and any other lyricists here.

Yes please, always delighted to collaborate with you.

Good morning @hazeyjohnii ! Great to see you here Smile I would love to collaborate please. Keep an eye on my lyrics posted and let me know if you want to use a set, unless you prefer that I write some especially for you (let me know the genre you prefer etc and a link to any music/songs you already have) - exciting !

I would love to collab with a good lyricist. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks Paul