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Hi Guys!
I did my first fawm this year . Would love to collab with you guys.
I also play guitar but in first hand I want to develope my lyrical skills ( I study songwriting this upcomming semester will by a lot of lyrics and MIDI).
Hit me up please if you like to collab.

Hello fellow Song-Skirmish group member! I'd certainly enjoy doing a collab with you some time this summer.

CoolI look forward to that

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I would love to collaborate but generally write lyrics

This is where you should be...
The best way to learn songwriting is by Writing songs.
50 of em can only improve your skills.
Russ Dirol

I love to collab! I am a lyricist though.

@Acousticmaddie Let's do one at some point this summer! Smile

Sure I guess. I play piano, guitar and bass guitar. I also sing and write my own songs.

Yeah cool I look forward to it!

Cool! I look forward to it!

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Hello I'm back again. Looking forward to collaborating with musicians!!

Hi! If you see anything you like or have an idea just grab it and tell me and Ill add you as a collaborator. Counts for all of you guys

I also love to collaborate, unfortunately, I am only a lyricist, though...

IF you like what I do I collab with you on something Arthur. Just add me to one IF so