Lots of Open Lyrics for Music Collaboration

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I have many open lyrics if you are looking to do more collaborations during the final moth of 5090. I would love it!

I have indicated on my pages when lyrics already have demos or if there has been a firm commitment from a musician to collaborate. I am open to any style or genre of music that speaks to you when you ‘hear’ the lyric and any level of production. One takes are totally fine. You are also welcome to tweak the lyrics as needed. Also happy to try to write to your music if you can sing it or to do co-writes. I can try to collaborate with some basic music as well.

Thanks for checking out my lyrics and considering collaborations! I know that any of us here that primarily write lyrics are always so very grateful and appreciative of the music you share that brings our words to life!

Have a great last third of 5090!


I can second how wonderful it is when someone wants to use your lyrics - it's a warm fuzzy feeling Smile

Hey kahlo, my output has slowed and I'm going to make a push to get my 50. I'll be browsing more carefully through your stuff to see if there is one I can do with my synth vox. Or if there is one that compels me to try to sing it.

That would be awesome! I love your music and would love another song with you!