Looking for musicy people to collaborate with, I am but a humble lyricist!

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Hi, its your pal Negasi, herald of the Walrus King, looking to collaborate with you (YES YOU!) Do you sing? Do you make musics? Is all you need to succeed some words and the like?

Well look no further!

I've been kinda quiet the last couple years, but I am interested in some collaborations with anyone who is willing to take me on!

Just let me know!

Happy 50/90ing! <3

Hi @Negasi. I remember you as walrus-affiliated. Beyond that, I’m unfamiliar. Welcome back! I’ll be sure to take a look at whatever lyrics you post.

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I'm at the Jelly Factory. I believe you have the address. You're always welcome!

Always happy to collaborate. Please see if my style suits you.

I enjoy some negasi lyrics, put some up and I'll peruse.

Like @john crossman said, put some lyrics up, and we’ll check them out Smile

Sorry had some PC issues, have a couple sets that should be up in the next couple days! Biggrin

Hello there, friend of tusky royalty. I will also peruse them!

Well one went up and it felt smooth as heck to write, haven't been in the groove like that in a long time. It's a little different but I love it, but being in this groove means I should put out a few more lyrics tomorrow (responsible thing to do is go to bed now it is 3am after all!) Biggrin

As an update, am up to 4, if you see something you like on my page, please take it and do what you will with it! No permission needed, you got all the freedom you want! Biggrin

Jumping on the coattails of Negasi, if any musicians looking for lyrics, please feel free to take any you like from my pages. Thanks!