looking for collaborators from past/fawm or whatever

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Hey, been here some over the years. Just looking round a little now. Hope to do some collaborating. I mainly do lyrics and do not sing. (actually do a little playing/singing, but in the songwriting area I'm usually a little backoffish about that) I write with a lot of people who are great. Some of them are here.. I write in Nashville some... not much these days...getting back into it some. Also, I write with artist/producers and pitch to film/tv/music libraries as well. I also ramble for no particular reason. LOL. Onward we go....David L Graham, ASCAP- mctown

I'm always interested in a collab. Nothing commercial - just fun. Smile

I'm always up for a challenge. Hit me up! I've watchlisted you David!

@McTown very modest I know how good you are, - anyone collaborating with you will be in for something good

Happy to sing on something - my youtube is linked on my 50/90 profile if you want to check it out!

Cool. Been moving slowly. Chrismyth02, hadn't had that kind of opportunity yet. A good idea though.