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lookingfortheblues - Challenge

Yep... I'm still looking for the Blues... This is a challenge I started last FAWM - actually, (kind of an 'Addon Game'), but even more. The concept is bass-ed on the "Fact" that you can actually play or sing many different melody lines over the same set of chords (not to mention different lyrics). 12 bar blues is the ezy way to think of this because 12 bar blues is generally the same set of chords played over 12 bars.

YouTube has many videos of groups singing 5 dozen different songs, (all sung over the I-V-vi IV chord progression, and even other progressions as well). here is one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlDewpCfZQ

So in a nut shell, here is the Basic - lookingfortheblues - Challenge 12 bar Blues:
1. Write sing, or play a melody line to any Blues Progression
2. Write new Lyrics line to fit any 12 bar blues.
3. Add "lookingfortheblues" to the Song's Tag line, so people can find it.
4. Send me a message for any blues song you've done, and I will post it on a list here in this forum.

I'll be posting a few instrumental Blues, myself - this summer, and I will be looking for collabs.

Russ Bye

Thanks Russ, this really looks interesting, since I have done the blues before, and always enjoy that style. I will be back to give it my all, and also to see what others come up with. Great idea!

Russ you know I'm a sucker for your instrumental blues. I'll be watching out for yours and posting some of my own for sure! Smile

I will do something ultramarine, or maybe periwinkle. I like the expressiveness of the blues, but it's too easy to fall into cliches, so I'm going to mess with it in uncommon ways.

Ah Yess! @iveg exactly so. and so many possibilities, in just the 12 bar blues alone.
Russ Good Good

I am going for the cliches!!!

I'm thinking of trying to do something with this. Maybe.

Finally! A challenge that speaks my language! Hehe. I'm game. Smile

I like this! I'll do it!

I'm in!!!

I'm in - I probably do at least 4-6 12-bar blues each 50/90. Sometimes everyday thoughts come into my mind as 12-bar blues lyrics.

I would like to give this a try, thanks!

I usually do at least one 12 bar blues and one 8 bar blues for every challenge. I'll post it here when I do.

Posted Ultramarine. *16273

I did mine Smile *16320

This sounds like a wonderful challenge

Tomorrow is Blue Wednesday. Smile


Ugh. Could not play today. :/

I tried. I hope I did okay. It's called "Blue Jean Blues". It was a fun write, even if I need to practice more with blues progressions.http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/16442

My first blues. How far off am I? http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/16925

Does this one work for the challenge? Seems like blues to me! Smile


ok, so i did a blues lyric, though it has a chorus. it's more of a jump or swing blues.

hittin the SNUs: *16823

Quackers....@TheTau's awesome 12 bar blues and a little story bout a dirty duck.... http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/16432

And I found some blues of my own too.. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/17086

Don't know if this is a 12-bar (I didn't count) but in my opinion this is bluesy enough:

I love the blues, always have. Is there anyone who'd like to collab with this lyricist please, so that I can have a go at this challenge ?
Many thanks Smile

I recall your post on FAWM, and finally did my one FAWM song this year at the last minute. I tagged it blues and one-note - by the time I got to it I forgot the actual taglines needed, lookingfortheblues and monotone, but whatever, here it is:
Not sure when I'll get to do some 50/90 songs.

Thought I'd join in on this one. This is '(I Wasn't) Looking for the Blues' - *17927

Hm. Can't delete my mis-posted post. Oh, well. Happy face: Biggrin

Well, I'm not sure it fits the exact criteria for this challenge, but it's a blues of sorts. :-P


i wrote a 12-bar blues. i don't write a lot of them, so i figured i'd share. i can't record now, but it has acoustic slide in my head with it. maybe i'll try to get a video of it on dobro later.

been down: *19679

I just looked back at my 50 songs - 4 are 12-bar blues, and 3 are blues variations.
I think writing a whole bunch of blues songs - and making each distinct with lyrics and riffs while maintaining the blues structure - would be as challenging as writing a bunch of songs in different genres and structures. Maybe I'll try that for FAWM.

Snuck one in before the finish line: *20432

It's not in twelve bars, but it was inspired by this thread for sure. Smile

@spirulence got the demo together for

been down: *19679

electro-pop blues, yo.