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Lyric writer.
Various genres and themes.
Seeking music and vocals in diverse styles to make lyrics into real songs.
Easy to please.
All types of music and levels of production welcome.
Willing to tweak lyrics or allow you to tweak lyrics to fit your style.
Happy to write new lyrics if you have a particular genre or theme.
Also open to writing lyrics for your existing music as long as you are willing to sing it!

Musician looking for collaborations.

PS. Lots of great lyrics by others out there on 5090 too.

Great way to ask for collaborators!

Happy to collaborate! Biggrin I'll take a look

I'll take a peak once I finish Slippers.

Love it @kahlo2013 - In the same boat Smile

Nice post. I have already collaborated with [@dsweidel] and I found it very easy because of the strength of the lyrics and the way that they were structured. The music flowed easily because the words were written in a way that meant they were ready to be sung. I'm happy to recommend her as a lyricist and I'll certainly be reading her words to see if there's another song we can work on together.

'Hold On' caught my attention. I'd like to...ATTEMPT something with it.
I haven't tried to make music to lyrics before, but I was looking through your stuff and found 'Hold On' and it...i dunno just connected.
I don't want to hold this song up from anyone else who could probably do something quicker, because I don't know how long it would take me to do what I had in mind or if I can even do it at all...
PLUS, I'm not sure if you'd want your song sung by a voice synth, which is the only vocals I have access to. You can hear what I mean in some of my other songs on here.
SO - to summarize:
I'd like to take a stab at it, a very very tentative and fragile stab lol; it may take me a long long time; I may give up
If you're ok with these things, I'd like to mess with 'Hold On'.

Aww @Roddy thank you! I have been having an awful couple weeks because of work and some personal stuff, so to get home from work just now and see this made me smile! THANKS! I would LOVE to do another tune with you Smile

Yes, arranged marriages, -- can be a good thing Music 2 Very interesting outcomes!

I'll check out your lyrics to see if anything interests me. I'm always up for a fun collab.

I forgot I had said I would do "Love Is A Poker Game." I'll get working on that one then check out the others.