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Do you have a song that you're particularly proud of that for whatever reason hasn't gotten any attention? Post it here and I will give it a listen!

I'd like to mention *33559, a collab between myself and SueAwesome that for whatever reason has only 1 comment... but I think it deserves more!

Also, *33507, which is a collab with Edward Roussac, which has gotten 0 comments since the collab version was posted!

EDIT: Thanks to all of you who showed these two songs love! Smile I appreciate it.

Im not going to mention mine- you have been good enough to comment on many! But i have an absolute favourite this year by someone else that got no recognition. Its http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/32103 By Adamh It deserves more listens

Listened to both, Alex. Liked them both as well.

There's only one comment on this song, but don't feel obligated. I've been very happy with the comments I've received this year.

I wasn't sure I should complain, since I've been more than usually bad about leaving comments this year. . . But every single song I've written entirely of my own volition with no prompts from the forums is only getting one or two comments. That just doesn't seem right.

@simpleiscomplex In my opinion, you're right. I think you've written some brilliant lyrics that need a wider readership! List a couple here that you'd like more attention given to!

This seems like a good place to add that once a person hits 50 songs, the rest go on to another page (or pages, if you hit 100!).

So Page 2+ songs might not be getting many comments - I've noticed than on others' pages, particularly lyricists.'

I'm totally happy with the number of comments I've gotten, and I tend to be pretty self-satisfied with my music anyway.

Well, I'm still looking for collaborators to do demos for Cold Burn Smokestack (*33037) and Decorate the Rooms with Yard Waste (*33385). It hasn't been long enough since posting When You Put On/Take Off Your Overcoat (*34821 and *34823) for them to have amassed much attention, but they could still use more.

But does anyone else have this problem? Songs written for skirmishes and other challenges are listened to by pretty much everyone else doing the same challenge, but wholly original songs are lucky to get zong-busted. Should we try to make them easier to find somehow??

I was pretty happy with this collab with kahlo2013, which was posted during a busy time so maybe got missed: *34729

I'm probably most proud of my last song, which is about the passing of a loved one. Its towards the end of 50/90 so commenting in general has slowed down, but it has a few listens so far. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/34989

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I like this one because of its origin. It flowed so easily that I did not have to redo any of the tracks. Because of recording to a click I could add some EZdrums afterwards.

If anything I'd go with this one.

Also some people commented on the lyric before your great music was added. Smile

The fact that I have any comments on anything I wrote surpassed my initial expectation of my 1st 50/90, so thanks to everyone that took a moment. I have no specific song to add here. Just grateful for each and every comment Biggrin I still have a few I would LOVE to get music for, if anyone is bored this last week of the challenge LOL

Can't wait until I get home from work so I can finish listening to all the ones people posted here. Early in today for product truck. Fun fun...

here is one i wish more people would have heard. especially now that a movie has been made that is a whitewash justification of the english law that sides with the government against parental wishes. this law resulted the death of a young boy this year, http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/31990

I did this one from a month old skirmish prompt "closed for business". Hasn't gotten much attention.

I have rather enjoyed listening to the songs y'all are posting here! Great forum Biggrin

This one is just posted, but given the timely nature of the subject, and the fact that so far, no comments, etc.,.. I couldn't resist listing it here.
recorded with just vocal and my mandolin, capo'd up two frets, too, in a vain effort to find a key i could sing in.. but i think I like the song Smile


well, after a few calmer and more positive songs, i did an angry rant one again Smile ah, felt great to do! 'well and truly screwed'

Collaboration is, or can be tough; and yet Cindy here @cindyrella has been so consistent since I've engaged her FAWM5090, she consistently produces hundreds of songs of ~all~ kinds and truly * partners without restriction. I am always surprised I get anything to match up with great lyrics that effect me, -- with Cindy's I always manage to do so, to her credit; -- in all these things, and I wanted to say that (it added to being the best 5090 for me, so far). So as an example of pulling yourself out of a "musical box", your own musical box, by collaboration:


-- Pick someone to collaborate with, it's a good thing, indeed Crazy

I did a collaboration with @barbara that could use a little love. It does have a single comment already.


Any/all of my songs on this year's FAWM.
If I were to single out a few, they would be "Waiting for an Answer (Left in the Dark)" and "Disposable Fake People!"
And by the way, I still need vocalists to sing on most of the songs.

And I could go on and on about how my songs from my Bandcamp album "On the Edge of Reality" (all fifty songs from last year's 50/90) haven't been fully acknowledged, but that is a different topic.

Yo, that Left in the Dark tune @Edward Roussac posted at FAWM is pretty awesome

I've had plenty of love this year, but I do feel that contributions to Exquisite Corpses can get lost. I really love my Hokey Pokey for the Sad and the Lonely bit, which is deadly serious and infinitely sad: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/34774

Thanks for the comment on my song @fresh spotless youth. I checked out your song "Tambourine Man" and I like it.

Yes, A+ to all those still actually commenting! Nice! Crazy @Edward Roussac even went back to * FAWM! Yeee Haaawww Crazy

In my opinion, this song is criminally underrated. Again it's one from FAWM; I finally managed to finish it with the help of a vocalist who wrote the melody for it.