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I discovered my basement studio has a rat infestation. Rats! Big ones! I've lived in old houses for decades and have never shared my space with big fat Norwegian rats before (Sorry Kristian, not your fault.)

So no writing/recording has taken place in the last few days as I tracked down the entry point (they made a nice round tunnel THROUGH THE CONCRETE SLAB UNDER MY HOUSE).

I listened to a few songs and commented a couple nights ago as I sat in the basement and listened for scurrying and squeaking noises. A few of them have died in snap traps since the discovery. Last night one was injured and dragged a snap trap all over the basement -- but when he/she got free I saw where the hole was, so it was kind of a win. That poor rat will have a lifelong injury though. A mangled forepaw.

So now the hole in my basement floor has a half kilo of rat poison in it, is stuffed full of steel wool (heavy gauge) and there's a concrete patch plug drying. Which they will probably chew through when they feel like it. And I'm sweeping up the nesting material and rat turds.

I have gigs this weekend, so no new material until next week. But I have a few things in the works.

Thanks for letting me share.

Oh my lawdy. I hope it all turns out ok, what a crazy ratatouille situation!

Aw man, that's awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out by the time you hear squeaking and scurrying they've been hanging around for a little while. Lots of rat poop in the areas I'm investigating.


Oh man, those wild rats are scary.

Sympathy vibes heading your way. Best of luck on the gigs. And the rat extermination.

Wow. We get mice, which is bad enough, and had a squirrel in the wall that was a pita to get rid of, but rats that chew through concrete, that's post-apocalyptic!

And I thought our capybara problem was bad!

Rats! Wink

@Fuzzy. I knew what song you posted even before I clicked on that link! Actually, I prefer the unaccompanied version on the "Opel" album, but it's Syd so it's all good. In his own weird way, Syd reminds me a lot of the old country bluesmen of the 1920's and 1930's, especially the raw emotion in his singing voice on certain tracks. Powerful stuff.

Oh, and sorry to hear about the rats, @standup. Yikes! That sucks!!!


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Ben's been at it again...